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Is an IUD covered by insurance & other family planning questions

March 21, 2024

From daily pills to surgical options, family planning and contraception have been revolutionized over the last two generations. It’s now affordable to choose the  Options for Contraception in Spain (caserexpatinsurance.com) that best works for a couple.

Considered a safe and effective way to prevent pregnancy, the intrauterine device – better know as an IUD – has become a popular contraceptive method in Spain. If you’re wondering is , this article will introduce you to the basics of why this device might be right for you, how they work, the price you could pay an IUD and how your insurance might cover that cost as part of your family planning coverage

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What is an IUD?

An IUD, or intrauterine device, is a small, T-shaped device that is inserted into a woman’s uterus to prevent pregnancy. Considered one of the most effective forms of reversible birth control and largely recommended for long-term contraception, IUDs are about 99% effective in preventing pregnancies when used correctly and have fewer side effects than other common anticonception methods, such as birth control pills or the vaginal ring.

The World Health Organization estimates that the IUD, known in Spain by the abbreviation DIU, is used by about 100 million women worldwide; that said, only about 7% of Spanish women in their peak reproduction years use one to prevent pregnancy, preferring instead other methods.

There are two types of IUDs to consider, whose main difference is rooted in hormone use:

Hormonal IUD: The first is a hormonal IUD, which releases progestin, a synthetic form of the hormone progesterone, into the uterus. The progestin compound thickens cervical mucus, making it difficult for sperm to reach the egg, while also thinning the uterine lining, which can prevent implantation of a fertilized egg. Hormonal IUDs can typically remain in place and be effective for three to six years. Typical brands in Spain include Jaydess, Kyleena and Mirena, and the price in pharmacies is typically around 100€.

Copper IUD (DIU de cobre): This type of IUD is wrapped in a small amount of copper wire. Copper is toxic to sperm, which prevents them from fertilizing an egg. Copper IUDs do not contain hormones and can remain effective for up to 10 years, and thus some women prefer them so as not to disrupt hormonal imbalances. Brands you might in the pharmacy are Gynele and Paragard, and the cost oscillates between 30 and 40€.

You should not use an IUD device if you are or suspect you are pregnant, have or have had uterine or cervical cancer, have or have had a sexually transmitted disease or have had a miscarriage or have terminated a pregnancy. These devices are also not effective in preventing the transmission of STDs. As always, your trusted healthcare provider can offer counseling on whether or not an IUD is right for you and your family planning.

Is IUD covered by insurance in Spain?

IUDs are often recommended for women who would like to consider preventing pregnancy in the long-term.

The IUD device is typically inserted by a healthcare provider during a short office visit during a woman’s menstrual cycle, and they require minimal maintenance once in place. This visit may or may not include a co-pay, depending on your insurance company’s level of coverage

Does Caser cover IUD placement and cost?

Caser insurance plans, specifically designed with expats in mind, offers various levels of coverage for your family – be them future family members or current! The most popular expatriate plans, like Activa and Inicial, do not cover the purchase cost of the IUD itself; if you are part of the Integral family plan, you will have the treatment and implementation of an IUD fully covered  by insurance in addition to all other benefts.its.

Don’t forget that Caser reimburses pharmacy costs (up to 100 euros per person on your plan per year), so be sure to save your receipt and make an appropriate claim if you purchase an IUD at your local pharmacy.

Is an IUD covered by insurance & other family planning questions

What about other methods if the IUD isn’t for me?

As a woman, family planning became important to me when I moved to Spain and met my husband. We now have two rambunctious, bilingual boys – and while my husband would love to add another kid to our libro de familia, I have decided that I am not interested. I have many options for preventing pregnancy and the education I need to make a decision on which method works best for my body, budget and lifestyle. Thankfully, nearly all methods of contraception are available in Spain and even for those transitioning to female

Maternity planning with Caser Expat Insurance

Having a baby means lots of jabs, pokes and petroleum jelly. Between the blood tests and scans, prenatal classes and post-natal checkups, it feels like you spend more time at the doctor than at home. With Caser’s maternity coverage as part of your healthcare plan, you have one less thing to remember (because pregnancy brain is real), thanks of the wide net of services for the same monthly cost.

Prior to childbirth, coverage includes:

  • Fertility treatment and assistance, like IUD and implantation
  • Scans, bloodwork and prenatal screening, including screening for certain fetal abnormalities
  • Prenatal classes (preparación al parto)

During labor and delivery:

  • Access to a midwife, obstetrician, and pediatrician
  • Anesthesia and an epidural, if desired
  • Hospital stay with a private room and an additional bed for a partner
  • Incubator for the newborn, if necessary

After arriving home:

  • Digital assessment of the general condition of the mother and newborn, tips of baby care, help and advice
  • The ability to add your child to your healthcare coverage without fee
  • Pelvic floor rehabilitation assistance

In addition, you will have access to healthcare professionals 24 hours a day via Caser’s hotline, MiDoctorCaser, saving you time in doctor’s visits and waiting rooms!

No matter where you are in your life, family planning is an important topic. When consulting with a healthcare professional about anticonception measures, be sure to ask if an IUD is an option for you.

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