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Coche x Coche Insurance

100% compatible with all insurers

The revolutionary insurance that provides you with another car under ownership in the event of a total loss.


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No need to change company

No need to cancel your current insurance

Take it out whenever you want

Without having to wait until your policy renewal date

Add it to your insurance

The perfect add-on for your third-party insurance

How does the Coche x Coche insurance work?

We provide you with another car under ownership if the cost to repair your current vehicle exceeds its value.

1. Accident:

Imagine if your insured car with third-party coverage is involved in a collision, whether parked or moving, and the culprit flees the scene.

2. Total loss:

It turns out that the cost to repair it is higher than its current market value, so your car is declared a total loss. Faced with this situation:

If you receive compensation… will it be enough to buy another car?
If you’re to blame, you’re left with no car or compensation.

3. We give you another car

With Coche x Coche it doesn’t matter who’s to blame. We search for and select 3 cars with similar features to yours and you:



Either pick one of these cars under ownership, with no taxes or transferral costs, 1-year guarantee and dropped off at your home.
icono-ok Or receive 120% of the current market value of your car.


Why choose Coche x Coche?


Replacement of your vehicle

In the event of your vehicle being completely written off, we will provide you the vehicle in ownership.


Search for vehicles

Based on the features of your old car (same range, horsepower, Km), we will search for available second-hand models and we will show you 4 options, so that you can choose.


Door to door service

It doesn’t matter if the car we find for you is in another province, because for your convenience, we take care of bringing it to your door.


Transferal costs

We bear the cost of transferring the vehicle and the taxes so that you don’t have to pay anything to enjoy your new car.


1-year warranty

We search for cars in good condition. That’s why we give you a 1-year warranty, with no limit on kilometers. Total peace of mind so that you can enjoy your new car.


No commitment

If you don’t like any of the cars we show you, there’s no reason to worry. We will compensate you for 120% of the value of your car.

How much does it cost to add Coche x Coche to my third-party insurance?

Less than you think. Take it out now with no need to change insurer

You can also choose Caser's Third-Party Insurance that includes Coche x Coche.

Calculate my car insurance premium with Caser.

Got any doubts? Clear them up!

About the product

Any driver with a vehicle under 20 years old who is worried about losing their car as a result of an accident.

To calculate the market value of your car, various factors are taken into account, including the age of the vehicle, the condition of its mechanical and electronic parts, or the state of its bodywork. The situation of the second-hand market at any given time also plays a part.
Of course, all you have to do is insure the new car we find for you with a new insurance policy that includes Coche x Coche.
The compensation is paid by bank transfer.

About the car under ownership

Yes, of course. We send you photos of the car before you make your decision. You can see it in person too, although we don’t cover the travel or accommodation costs if the vehicle is in a different province.
Yes. It is a permanent replacement car, not temporary, and it will be in your name.
One of the benefits of taking out this service is not having to worry about anything related to finding a replacement vehicle. This is why our specialists look for the car that’s best suited to you.
Don’t worry, if there are no models available on the market that meet your needs, we provide you with 120% of the value of your vehicle.
Your replacement vehicle will have a one-year guarantee.
We cover the cost to deliver the vehicle to your house, whilst providing you with as much information as possible. You can also see it in person, but we don’t cover the travel expenses to the city where it is located.
Don’t worry, if there are no models available on the market that meet your needs, we provide you with 120% of the value of your vehicle.
We will always try to find vehicles similar to the damaged vehicle, and if we cannot offer you what you want or need, we will provide you with compensation equivalent to 120% of the market value.

 Any more doubts? Check out our Car Insurance FAQ

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