In ownership
In ownership

The vechicle is yours in perpetuity.

3 options
3 options

You choose the model which suits you best

We manage everything
We manage everything

So that you have nothing to do

1 year guarantee
1 year guarantee

Unlimited kilometres in the new vehicle

We introduce you to the new Caser Coche x Coche, the only insurance in the market which gives you a vehicle in perpetuity if, in case of collision, repairing your car costs more than its value.

Do you want to know how it works?

This is the solution that ensures you get a very similar car to your own should you have a car crash. No worries and no need to pay more!

We’ll explain it all to you in this two-minute video.


That’s how Coche x Coche works

For cars that are quite a few years old, the market vale tends to be very low and in the event of a collision (a simple dint in the bodywork), the car may be declared a total write-off. In such an instance, the insurance company will compensation. The bad news is that the compensation may be insufficient to buy a new vehicle with similar features.

In short, you go from night to morning without a car ad you have a problem. Luckily, you can now take out a car replacement insurance such as Coche x Coche, and always enjoy your own car, whatever happens. And that’s not all - we take care of everything for you so that you don’t have to worry about anything.

We’ve given you the details of everything included:

  • Check Replacement of your vehicle
    In the event of your vehicle being completely written off, we will provide you the vechicle in ownership

  • Check Search for vehicles
    Based on the features of your old car (same range, horsepower, Km), we will search for available second-hand models and we will show you 4 options, so that you can choose

  • Check Door to door service
    It doesn’t matter if the car we find for you is in another province, because for your convenience, we take care of bringing it to your door.

  • Check Transferral costs
    We bear the cost of transferring the vehicle and the taxes so that you don’t have to pay anything to enjoy your new car.

  • Check 1 year warranty
    We search for cars in good condition. That’s why we give you a 1 year warranty, with no limit on kilometres. Total peace of mind so that you can enjoy your new car.

  • Check No commitment
    If you don’t like any of the cars we show you, there’s no reason to worry. We will compensate you for 120% of the value of your car.

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"ICEA awarded Coche x Coche the first prize for the most innovative product in its category"


This is how Coche x Coche works

With examples everything is easier to understand, for that reason we will explain to you step by step how the process would work:

Car replacement insurance how it works

Don’t leave your questions unanswered

We want you to understand everything clearly, that’s why we have compiled these FAQ, so that you can resolve any questions you may still have.

At customers who have 7-15 year old vehicles and who are worried about being left without a vehicle should they have an accident.
One of the main advantages of Coche x Coche is precisely so that you don’t have to worry about anything to do with replacing your vehicle. That’s why only our specialists are in charge of finding the most appropriate cars for our customers.
We search for cars that are similar to yours, that have the features indicated by you. If you had a car that took petrol and now you would prefer one that takes Diesel, we will look for one for you.
Of course. All you have to do is insure the car we find for your with a new insurance policy that includes Coche x Coche.
You can engage in it through Third Parties + Windscreens (link to Third Parties + Windscreens) or Extended Third Parties (link to Extended Third Parties). You can engage in both policies online (link to underwriter), by calling 902 209 027 or through your mediator.
Don’t worry, if there are no available models on the market that fit your needs, we will give you 120% of the value of your vehicle.
Yes, of course. We send you some images of the car before you decide. If you want to, you can also go in person to see it (accommodation and transport costs are not included).
Yes, you don’t need to worry about everything. We will take care of all the paperwork.
The insured vehicle’s value is calculated by taking 100% of the value recorded in the “white GANVAM” book as a basis, and then increasing that by 20%.
We will send you the compensation money as a bank transfer into your account.

Do you want to look further into it?

If you want to know all relevant information about Caser Car Insurance policies, we can provide you with the general conditions of engaging in a contract.