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Caser Expat Insurance

Holiday Home Insurance

Holiday Home Insurance

Fix any problems you didn’t see coming with just one call. With your holiday home insurance, Yavoiyó, we go to your holiday home so you don’t have to.

We call you for free

We go there to solve the problems: leaks, breakages, etc.

Cleaning or inspection of your holiday home included

And now, if squatters break into your home, we will alert you immediately

The home insurance that goes to your holiday home so you don't have to

We present the only insurance that if you have a collision and the repair costs more than your car, it gives you another one in ownership.



No matter where it is

Got a leak in your beach house you need to fix? Yavoiyó. Not got time? We’ll go for you, no matter when or where.



We’ll sort it out

Give us a quick call so you don’t have to worry about a thing. We’ll make our way there to fix the problem, clean or check that everything is in order, so you don’t have to.



Protect your keys

We pick up your keys no matter where you are. At the end of the service, we drop them back to a place of your choice. We let you know what’s happening at your holiday home and we make sure your keys are well looked after.

holiday home insurance sensor

Are you worried about squatting?

NEW! Anti-squatting service

  • The holiday home insurance includes an Anti-Squat sensor, capable of detecting  if someone opens the door of your second home.

  • If a squatter enters your home, the sensor detects it and we send you an instant text message so that you can notify the police as soon as possible.

  • And best of all, the sensor needs no installation, no cables, no intenet- just place it on your front door.

  • And what's more, in the event of illegal occupation we give you legal advice and defence: lawyer and solicitor's fees, notary fees and expert's fees appointed by Caser and legal costs.

Caser holiday home insurance cover

We know that the needs of your holiday home are not the same as your main home, which is why we only include the most in-demand cover that you can supplement with others to get fully customised protection.

Basic protection

Fire, lightning, and explosion

Weather phenomena (wind, rain, hail, snow)


Malicious acts

Smoke or soot damage

Damage caused by collision with animals, and land, sea, and air vehicles

Sonic waves

Electrical damage

Spillage or leakage of fire protection installations

Water damage


Plumbing work


Property damage

Burglary or damage due to attempted theft of contents

Furniture and garden tools




Glass, windows and mirrors

Marble, granite or other natural or artificial stone worktops

Solar panel glass

Sanitary ware, fibreglass or any other material

Glass-ceramic hobs

Aesthetic restoration

Aesthetic damage due to loss of basic protection, water damage, theft, and breakage

Food spoilage

Due to breakdown caused by lightning

Due to malfunctioning fridge or freezer

Due to accidental leakage of refrigerant liquid

Due to failure in electric power supply

Other services

Necessary measures to limit the consequences of a fire

Rescue services

Demolition and removal of debris

Mud and sludge removal following a flood

Replacement of keys in the event of burglary or theft

Removal expenses in the event of uninhabitability

Furniture storage in the event of uninhabitability

Restaurant and/or laundry expenses

Hotel expenses

Rental expenses in the event of uninhabitability

Third-party liability

Real Estate Liability

For repair, transformation or decoration of the property

For water damage


Legal costs in the event of a conflict of interest

Home assistance

Professional callout in the event of loss

Home surveillance

Temporary replacement of TV set or DVD player

Emergency locksmith and glass repair service

Emergency electrical and plumbing repair service

Bricocaser service - Handyman


Home inspection or cleaning

Key pickup service

Claims for illegal occupancy of the home (squatting)

Optional coverages

All risks material damage


Vehicles and boats in garage


Bodily accidents


Breakdown of electrical appliances


Dangerous Dogs Liability


Why choose Caser holiday home insurance?

Save time and money

While you’re at your regular home a neighbour living near your holiday home calls to let you know that one of your windows is broken. Travelling there to get it fixed would mean taking days of work, hiring a repair service, or working out what to do with your kids… With this insurance you don’t have to worry about a thing, because we travel to your holiday home to fix any problem, saving you time and money on petrol or toll roads.

For safety

The fact that your holiday home spends most of the time unoccupied is the main reason to protect it. What happens if you’re burgled when you’re not there? How do you fix a broken roof due to storm damage if you’re in your main home? We protect you against unforeseen circumstances, regardless of whether or not you’re living there.

We act on your behalf

You have a burst pipe and it’s causing a leak in your neighbour’s house. Don’t worry, because the third-party liability cover takes care of the personal or material damage caused to someone else as a result of problems in your home.

Adapted to your needs

You will only pay for the necessary cover, as there are fewer valuables and you spend less time over the year in your holiday home.

If you are searching for home insurance in Spain, 
Caser Expat Insurance has the right policy for you!

For Main Home

Main Home Insurance

Looking after your house means protecting yourself and your loved ones and providing yourselves with the security that you need. At Caser we simply design our home insurance in Spain policies around the real risk factors and needs of our clients.


We answer your questions about taking out, using and managing the insurance, as well as its coverage, limits... and much more!