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Caser Home Insurance in Spain is a complete product that responds to adversity within a short space of time, so that you can carry on with your life without worrying about anything.

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If there's one thing we’re proud of, it’s that we always try to make our insurance as clear as possible. That's why you’ll always find an explanation of the Coverage, along with the typical exceptions. We’re the insurance provider of choice for a good reason.

Basic coverage

Our basic Coverage includes all of those damages caused by external forces that need to be taken into account for Home insurance.

FIRE: combustion and burning by flame of an object or objects that were not designed to be burned.
EXPLOSION: a sudden, violent expansion of gases, caused by a physical or chemical reaction.
LIGHTENING: the violent discharge due to interference in the electrical field of the atmosphere.

  • Burns when isolated objects fall into the fire
  • Accidents in the home related to the combustion of electrical appliances or heaters when they are not caused by breakage of the apparatus. For example, if you leave a heater close to the curtains, the insurance will not cover the damage.
  • Explosions caused by unknown substances or unknown appliances which are not part of the usual heating system. For example, boilers or heating appliances that use materials which do not comply to regulations and that have caused an explosion. Always check the quality certificates of the products that you have in the house.

Torrential rain, summertime storms, high winds (over 80 km/h), snow... Anything that can cause damage to your home. If a street light falls down in high winds, hitting your house, we will fix it. For example, if windows or shutters are damaged by heavy rain or hail, we will replace them.

  • Any damage which is caused because you have not taken the necessary measures to avoid it. For example, if you live on the ground floor and leave the window open for water to enter. Damaged locks which have not been repaired are not covered.
  • Rust caused by rain.
  • Phenomena that are covered by the Compulsory Government Catastrophic Risk Insurance. In this case, this entity will take care of the damage. For example, in cases of flooding, where a disaster area has been declared by the government.
  • Items that are kept outdoors, whether in an outbuilding or in the open.
  • Damage caused by frost or tide.
  • Solar panels and billboards are excluded from the Coverage.

After several days of rain, it is possible that there will be flooding due to the overflow of rivers, lakes, sewage or canals. Any damage caused by these events is covered by your insurance.

  • When damage is caused by torrential rain. In this case, damage will be covered by the Compulsory Government Catastrophic Risk Insurance.
  • Damage caused by doors and windows which have not been properly closed. Including any defect in the locks.
  • Damage caused by thawing, irregular currents or tides.
  • Costs of repair or unblocking of pipes.

Water damage is not just about the leak, it is finding the cause of the leak and solving it. Caser Home Insurance takes all these unexpected situations into account. We will turn your house upside down to find the source of the leak, but this Coverage guarantees that we will leave it just as it was before.

We look after all water damage caused by appliances, damaged pipes, damage to other appliances, damaged tanks, locating the fault and fixing the fault (workforce and required materials) and reconstruction if we have to break anything for access. Even if the leak is your fault for having left the tap on. Accidents happen.

  • Major damage caused by lack of cleaning in the pipes when at least two days warning was given before the date of the incident.
  • Damage owing to humidity or condensation.
  • Leaks or damage resulting from a swimming pool or jacuzzi.
  • Costs of repairing taps or shut-off valves damaged by the fault.
  • Repair of aquariums.
  • External plumbing and damage caused by negligence on the premises, for non-compliance with current regulations in force or because materials do not comply with quality standards.

Regardless of where you live, burglary and theft can be worries that play on your mind. A Coverage of this type doesn’t just cover you against theft in your home - you are also coveredin the case of muggings. Your belongings are yours both inside and outside of your house.

Nevertheless, it is always important to clarify the following concepts:

  • Burglary Taking illegal ownership of items by means of violence against a property. Breaking a window to enter your house, forcing the door of your property...
  • Robbery Taking illegal ownership of items by means of verbal or physical violence against a person. For example, you are threatened to open a safe deposit, or attacked in the street for your belongings...
  • Theft Taking illegal ownership of items without any type of violence. For example, your bag is stolen whilst hanging from a chair or thieves enter your house because you leave the door ajar when taking the rubbish out.
  • Your burglary Coverage covers the act of burglary within your house and damages resulting from it, whether to doors, windows, walls, furniture, etc. Coverage applies even in the case of attempted burglary.

In the case of robberies in the property, we will compensate you up to 5% of the amount insured, items stolen outside the property (garden, garage, outbuildings), as long as the area is enclosed.

Up to €600 stolen from a safe deposit box.

Compensation for mugging outside the property, both in Spain and within EU countries, where a report has been made to the relevant authorities. Up to €1500 for theft of belongings (bag, jacket, mobile phone...) and up to €300 for theft of cash. *The amount insured is for all members of your party. This means that if a mobile phone and jacket are stolen from you and a mobile phone, a wallet and a watch are stolen from your partner, the maximum compensation for these items remains €1500.

Within the property
  • When the property is not equipped with the security measures declared in the insurance application or indicated in the terms and conditions.
  • Theft from outbuildings, garages or cellars without separate locks or which are not for this sole use.
  • Breaks in glass kitchen hobs, mirrors, glass panels and bathroom ceramics. There is a specific Coverage available for these incidents:
  • The theft of jewelry or valuable objects is not covered in the following situations:
    • When the theft takes place in a second residence, except in the case where you are present - on holiday or a weekend away.
    • When the property has been uninhabited for over 30 consecutive days.
    • When there have been deliveries to a cellar, garage or basement.
Outside the property
  • Cash and cards stolen from persons under the age of 16.
  • Theft committed in hotels, motels, hostels and other lodgings.
Within and/or outside the property
  • Theft of jewelry or valuable objects in a property which has been rented to a third party.
  • Theft resulting from the conspiracy of family members or cohabitants.
  • Theft resulting from cheating employees, whether they are service personnel or temporary staff.

CASER will provide insured parties with the services of qualified professionals for minor maintenance and DIY tasks in the insured home. The tasks include the following:

  • Installation of wiring ducts to conceal wires.
  • Sealing worn or damaged joints in baths, showers, wash hand basins and sinks with silicone sealant.
  • Furniture assembly and installation of shelves.
  • Installation of bathroom and kitchen accessories. This does not include plumbing work.
  • Replacement of taps, stopcocks that are not built-in, toilet cisterns, flexible connectors, drain/overflow kits for sinks or wash hand basins, and radiator bleeding.
  • Hanging of curtains, blinds, pictures, clothes lines, mirrors, wardrobe hangers and rods.
  • Installation of ceiling and wall lights, provided there is an electrical outlet.
  • Installation of sockets, switches, bells and similar items, provided that the box that houses them or the wiring does not need to be changed.
  • Installation of draught excluders and glass in windows with silicone.
  • Repair or replacement of non-electric blinds.
  • Installation or replacement of door handles, bolts and latches.
  • Replacement of hinges in the doors of wooden furniture.
  • Installation of corner guards and transition strips for transitions between any type of flooring.


The hourly rate of the professional up to a maximum of 3 hours in the insured home.
You can make a maximum of two requests per policy and insurance year.

What is this? It is the assistance service that helps to resolve the incidents which take place on a computer for domestic use owned by the insured and also other devices and media in the event of needing to use the data recovery guarantee. Comprises the following services:

  • Remote IT assistance for the resolution of incidents related to the use of the insured's computer in his/her home, system configuration and help in the use of applications. Phone support is provided only in those cases in which remote assistance cannot be used.
  • Data recovery. Includes the recovery of computer data on a guaranteed support owned by the insured and for domestic use, when these supports have suffered incidents that may prevent normal access to the data contained therein.


The services included in this coverage will be provided in collaboration with specialised companies. The performance of this service when it is not requested via CASER will not give rise to any right to reimbursement or compensation.

Any malicious acts that cause damage to your property which have been performed by third parties, regardless of whether or not they are related to you.

Damage which may cause legal demonstration is also included. Don’t worry about street vandals any longer.

  • This Coverage does not include burglary or robbery. There is a specific Coverage for this.
  • Damage caused by civil unrest, avalanche, illegal demonstrations, etc. All these will be covered by the Compulsory Government Catastrophic Risk Insurance.
  • Malicious damage caused by persons renting your property or persons to whom you have left the keys.

Following a fire, or having burnt a domestic appliance, smoke residue can remain on the walls. Caser will take care of this damage 100%.


  • Following a fire, or having burnt a domestic appliance, smoke residue can remain on the walls. Caser will take care of this damage 100%.
Damage caused by sound waves resulting from passing airplane or spacecraft. If you live close to an airport you may notice these types of cracks in glass panes, caused by the vibration of aircraft taking off and landing.

Imagine a stormy day which causes a fault in a power supply. This fault causes a surge in an electrical appliance which causes damage. Caser Home Insurance covers all electrical damage, regardless of the age of the appliance - except in the case of computers. In this case the age limit is ten years.

  • Damage caused by fixtures which do not comply with current regulations in force for electrical appliances.
  • Damage which is covered by the manufacturers guarantee.
  • Damage caused by wear and tear, for example, a broken cable.
  • Appliances or equipment worth less than €60.
  • Damage caused by outside or underground equipment - anything which is related to the building, rather than your property.
  • Cosmetic defects which do not affect the function of the electrical appliance.
  • Damage to bulbs, valves, lamps, neon nights or lighting fixtures.

If you are a cautious person and you have anti-fire systems in place, we will cover you for the damages caused by a fire that was generated by external faults, such as short-circuits or a power surges. These damages tend to be water damage.

  • Technical problems or faults with the firefighting system.
  • Remember that the firefighting system is to prevent the spread of fire in case of emergency, not to cool down the room on a hot summers day.
  • Damage caused by water which is stored for use in firefighting equipment.

In the case of your cards being taken, Caser offers provision for full complaint and deactivation. We will assume losses from the fraud committed to a maximum value of €600, for a maximum period of 48h. If you do not deactivate the cards or the bank fails to do so in a timely manner, the responsibility is transferred to your bank.

Life is subject to a series of daily accidents. You drop the water jug on that little glass coffee table, you're cleaning to the beat of the Rolling Stones when the mop slips out of your hands and into a vase... These are just small examples of possible damage. Caser Home Insurance covers breaks in glass windows, doors, skylights, sun roofs, shower screens and glass-top hobs, covering the cost of delivery and installation to the cost of the replacement. We will also bear the costs of transportation and installation.

We also cover solar panel glass, broken bathroom ceramics (toilets, showers, sinks), mirrors and marble or granite panels, whether decorative or forming part of furniture or work surfaces.

  • Inherent product deterioration. Scratches or splinters.
  • Inherent product deterioration. Scratches or splinters.
  • Crockery and kitchen fittings.
  • Glass which is part of a greenhouse or covered swimming pool.
  • Decorative objects
  • Damage sustained during building work, which is the responsibility of the construction company.

The fact that we have to take up your bathroom tiles doesn’t have to mean that your house will resemble a battlefield when the work is complete. We will fix it for you and, if you have this Coverage, we will ensure that the cosmetic appearance is respected. A fault is a fault, but having three different types of tiles because the originals are no longer produced is an unacceptable crime against aesthetics.

Caser will take care of these types of details, within the financial limits established in your policy.

This Coverage is related to damage covered by Breaks, Water Damage, Basic Coverage and Theft Coverages.

  • Reconstruction of jewelry or valuable objects.
  • Reconstruction of other rooms in addition to that in which the damage occurred.
  • Swimming pools, trees and plants.
  • Objects which are not part of a set.

The light goes out and cannot be fixed for hours. In the midsummer heat, food goes to waste. Sometimes you have just a few items in the fridge, on other occasions you may have enough food to survive a siege. And all this goes to waste. And this has a cost. Caser Home Insurance looks after situations caused by electrical problems and also in the case of a fridge or freezer breakdown, due to a fault with the coolant or due to a storm which breaks your electrical appliances.

In order for the Coverage to apply, the electrical fault must occur for a period of time greater than 6 hours and the electrical appliances must be less than 10 years old.

A few days to relax are a treat for us all. Really being able to relax means being able to switch off from everything. That's why you need an insurance company like Caser, that you can trust to look after you wherever you are. Even if you have to travel for work for a few weeks. Caser Home Insurance protects you and the belongings that you carry with you.

For this Coverage to apply these belongings must be taken from a hotel or rented apartment, a property that you do not own, or a means of transport.

The maximum insured amounts are as follows:
Furniture, to a total of €3000.
Jewelry, to a total of €1800.
Objects of special value, to a total of €1800.
Cash, to a total of €300.


Trips for a duration of over 3 months.

  • Moves within the same town or city.
  • Non-EU countries

Certain incidents incur additional costs, such as cleaning following a fire or demolition. Caser Home Insurance covers these costs.

  • Installation of measures to limit fire damage, as well as salvage and demolition works.
  • Water damage or flooding, waste removal, mud extraction.
  • Reconstruction of public register documentation, not related to professional or commercial activity.
  • Total or partial replacement of keys or locks following a burglary.
  • The property is rendered uninhabitable following fire or flooding. Caser takes care of the cost of moving your furniture and belongings. Costs of transport, costs of rented storage for a maximum of 6 months, in which time all necessary work should be completed.
  • Restaurant or launderette costs in case of electrical damage, to a maximum of €120 per day for a maximum of 10 days.
  • Hotel accommodation in the case that the property is rendered uninhabitable, to a maximum of €180 per day, for a maximum of 10 days.

As stated in the preceding section, it is possible that a property can suffer damage to the extent that you and your family cannot continue to live in it for a certain period of time. At the time where you have to rent a new property because your own will require prolonged renovation works, Caser Home Insurance will cover the rental costs in accordance with the following conditions.

  • Coverage for a maximum of one year. The property must be a like-for-like replacement for your insured property.
  • In the case where your damaged property was rented to a third party, who have to leave the property, Caser will reimburse the loss of rent for a maximum period of one year whilst the property is repaired. For the above to apply, the property must be rented under an official contract.

Civil Liability is the main reason when it comes to taking out a home insurance policy. It guarantees you the security of knowing that, whatever happens, you and your family are protected against third party grievances. Moreover, Caser Home Insurance covers damage caused by your pets. Because they are part of the family.

It can be unavoidable that a water leak will affect your downstairs neighbours, or that your son's baseball practice will affect your neighbours’ windows. In all such cases, in accordance with current legislation in Spain, we will look after compensation for third parties, whether for civil liability or family civil liability, when damage is caused by a family member, and the associated legal costs.

Covers you in any part of Spain or the European Union (provided that the stay is of less than three months), with regard to Spanish law. This will cover any damage by third parties to yourself, your family or your pet.

Moreover, this Coverage protects your household employees in the case of an accident whilst they work in your property.

*Pets are taken to mean dogs (as long as they are not recognised dangerous breeds [link to dangerous dogs Coverage]), cats, rodents kept in a cage, birds, fish and tortoises.

Legal Costs are those costs which are incurred, relating to possible sentences, court fees or legal costs, etc.

Caser Home Insurance also bears the costs of legal representation, if you require a lawyer for allegations relating to the Coverage of this policy.

  • Malicious acts or accidents caused by defiance. Pets are not covered by Civil Liability.
  • Non-compliance with current regulation. If you suffer a leak but the damage is caused by poor quality materials, we will not cover the costs.
  • Civil Liability of potentially dangerous animals.
  • Damage caused in the pursuit of a profession or service within your home.
  • Damage caused to the belongings of third parties left in your possession. If your neighbour leaves you their tablet to carry out a task and you break it, we will not cover the costs.

Optional Coverage

You decide whether you want to include these types of Coverage in your policy or not. Because it's clear that the best person to protect your house is you. You know your needs and those of your house.

If you are a very cautious person who holds every object in your house in high esteem, you will surely want to have comprehensive insurance in place in your home. Because foresight is a virtue that will always bring you peace of mind in the long run. Knowing that your children are free to play in their own house because absolutely everything is under control.

  • It is a complement to the basic Coverages and breakage Coverage.
  • The amount of damage must be greater than €50.
  • Includes broken plasma/LCD television screens due to accidental damage. The Coverage is restricted to appliances which are less than five years old.

Do you have a boat for weekend fishing trips? Do you prefer to keep your speedboat in the garage than in a marina 500km away? Do you never know where your car insurance ends and your home insurance begins? Then this is the Coverage for you.

We cover the damage that vehicles and vessels can sustain due to fire, explosion or flooding, when they are in a garage equipped with a security system, whether it is a shared space or your own.

Moreover, total loss of the vehicle is covered, which will be governed by the market value [link to glossary] at the time of damage.


  • Accessories, GPS systems, technological apparatus and personal belongings in the vehicle at the time of damage are not covered.
  • If the vehicle insurance covers accidents in the garage, Caser will not be responsible for the accident.

An accident clause is the most important part of an accident insurance policy. Caser Home Insurance covers everything - above all, you and your family.

This provision will cover injury (incapacity) or death of the person or persons insured in the case of an accident, within or outside of the home.


  • Persons under the age of 14 and over the age of 70 are not covered by this clause. Neither are persons with a legally recognised disability.
  • Accidents that occur through the practice of extreme sports, scuba diving at depths beyond 20 metres, or relating to the pursuit of a profession or due to a bet or challenge are not covered, nor are those that occur under the effects of alcohol or drugs.

Although there is a separate clause for appliances, we know how important certain appliances are in your daily life.

This Coverage looks after damage to you washing machine, television and refrigerator. Repair costs for these appliances are covered, whether they are mechanical or electrical, including parts, labour and tax, when the warranty for the electrical appliances is no longer in place.

The costs of repair may not exceed the sale price of the product.


  • Products over 10 years old.
  • Damage sustained through malicious acts will not be covered.

Your Pit Bull is a playful, loving dog and you know that he would not harm a fly. Nevertheless, for several years, owners of these breeds have been required to have public liability insurance for their pets, as established by Royal Decree 287/2002. With Caser Home Insurance, you can include this clause, remain within the law and anticipate possible damage that your pet can cause.

Find out more about dangerous breeds

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