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Speak to the medical specialist you need over the phone, video call or chat. Your health from the comfort of your own home.

Caser Autohelp

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Caser Expat Insurance

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Compare our Dental Insurance coverages

Hit the bulls-eye with perfect protection.

Choosing a dental insurance policy doesn't have to be difficult. Caser offers you a choice of two comprehensive and competitive policies. You can compare insurance and decide which one best suits your needs.

We call you for free

Smile Essential
Smile Perfect

40 free services

Saving of up to 50%

Child dental plan

2 Maxillofacial consultation per year

Diagnostic test with Dentascan

Reimbursements on pharmaceutical expenses

24-hour Oral Hygiene advice and Emergencies

24-Hour medical/paediatric advice

Payment form

Monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and annual

Monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and annual

Payment form Discount

6% for half-yearly and annual

How is Caser's dental insurance?

Whatever type of insurance you choose, you can use your insurance from day 1.
No matter your oral health history. No previous health questionnaire. No matter your age. It's for young and old.

You have access to a Medical Team made up of more than 1,500 professionals throughout Spain.

With advanced technological means for diagnosis and treatment.

You have a Network of Caser Dental Clinics, with special promotions for you and personalised attention.

And with the Caser Salud Dental APP, you have your insurance on your mobile.
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With differential coverage

  • High-demand services included free of charge: consultations, cures, check-ups, x-rays, exodontia, extractions... Plus two consultations a year with a maxillofacial surgeon.

  • At your side 24 hours a day with oral, medical and paediatric care, both online and by telephone.

  • With a complete Children's Dental Plan, in both modalities, with comprehensive coverage and the most important treatments for each stage of childhood.