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Speak to the medical specialist you need over the phone, video call or chat. Your health from the comfort of your own home.

Caser Autohelp

Did you know that your car insurance is able to detect an accident automatically?


24H English-speaking telephone assistance


Find your nearest motorbike repair workshop and discover all the advantages it has to offer

Caser Expat Insurance

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Caser Health Insurance Services

Caser Health Insurance Services

We work towards protecting your wellbeing, putting a range of health insurance services at your fingertips. We want to inform you of the medical professionals you have available, offer you quality medical advice, resolve all your queries, and suggest activities to optimise your health. Above all else, we want you to know that we’re always here whenever you need us.

We call you for free

Paperwork and formalities

Do you need authorisation for a test? A duplicate of your card? Do you know your medical history?...

Customer support telephone numbers

You only pay from the tenth medical claim per insured person per year.

Find all the information associated with your health insurance services here.

Your queries, big or small, answered at all times.


Personalised attention throughout all the process with the best specialist in surgical care, with a closed price and all-inclusive.


Reimbursement of pharmacy, child vaccination and optician costs

We reimburse up to 50% of your purchases of medicines, glasses, contact lenses and vaccines for the little ones.


24-hour medical, paediatric and psycho-emotional telephone support

We look after your health and the well-being of your loved ones at all times.


Caser Health App

Giving you full control of your health insurance services. You can take care of all the arrangements, such as consulting the Medical Team, requesting medical authorisations and reimbursements or checking the status of your co-payments. You can also provide proof of your insurance at any medical centre using your mobile phone thanks to the Digital Card.


Selfie Health

Take a simple selfie with your mobile phone camera, and get more than 15 important indicators for your health, both physiological and psychological. With Selfie Health you have a 100% digital service to keep track of your health.


My Emotional Wellbeing Platform

In this 100% online tool, different professionals and psychologists will help you to improve your wellbeing, with live courses and classes on: guidelines and tips for better sleep, daily stress management, improving the process of personal and emotional self-knowledge...


Centro Médico Caser - Telehealth

Now your health insurance includes the teleconsultation service at no additional cost. Receive quality medical care with the specialist you need, by video call, phone call or online chat. Caser Medical Centre is your digital option within the medical directory.


My Health

Take your medical history with you and find out about the best personalised programmes for your wellbeing. Accessible from any device. Health, without borders.


APP Medical Assistance abroad

Carrying out any administrative procedures abroad can be tricky, but we make it easy for you.

For medical consultations and assistance:

+34 91 595 50 49


Our messaging app that allows you to clear up all your health queries using your mobile phone at any time. Reputable professionals from a range of medical specialties are waiting to hear from you at the other side of the screen.


Caser + Beneficios

A space where we offer you the best services on nutrition, maternity, genetics, dentistry... Take advantage of special prices and unique discounts.