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How do I prove I am insured by Caser? Will I have a health insurance card?

To prove you are a Caser policyholder, you have your health insurance card at your disposal, although for some services you may be asked for additional identification documents for security reasons.

Your health insurance card is the way you can prove that you have health insurance with us, so that you can enjoy all the services and health cover included in your insurance policy.

Remember that, in case of loss, theft or damage, you can request a duplicate of your health card in our Client Area.

FAQ_How do I prove I am insured by Caser Will I have a health insurance card

What is the Health Insurance Card?

When you take out your health insurance, you will receive, together with the rest of the documentation, your Health Card.

It contains your personal details, as well as your policyholder number and the type of insurance you have decided to take out, allowing you to check the coverages and services included online.

The purpose of this card is for you to have at all times an accreditation with which you can access all the services and coverages included in your health insurance policy.

This is the reason why your health insurance card is personal and non-transferable, as it is the one that will allow you to request a consultation or health services in any of the centres that are part of our medical directory, although it is possible that, in some cases, another type of identification may be requested, for security reasons.

As you will see when you receive it, your Health Card will contain the following information:

  • Name and surname of the person who appears as insured in the health insurance policy.

  • Number associated with your health card.

  • Date of registration of your health insurance policy.

  • Expiry date of the health card (associated with the validity of your insurance policy).

This card also has a magnetic strip that will allow you to identify yourself in all the medical centres and consultations included in our Medical Directory, thus facilitating a quicker and simpler processing of the medical services associated with your insurance when you wish to make use of them.

On the back of your Health Card you will find a space reserved for you to sign it, which we recommend for security reasons, as well as the different Customer Service and Assistance Abroad telephone numbers available to you, which will allow you to make the most of your health protection.

What is the health card for?

Having your Health Card will give you a large number of advantages associated with your protection, including the possibility of identifying yourself in the centres belonging to our medical directory, processing medical authorisations over the phone or registering in our online Client Area.

Your Health Card is designed so that you can enjoy the following benefits associated with your health insurance:

  • Facilitate your identification as an insured person to the different medical centres that make up our Medical Directory, to access the services and coverage included in your health insurance policy under preferential conditions.

  • To process more quickly those medical authorisations necessary to take advantage of those services and cover that require this prior step. With your Caser Salud Health Card you only have to contact us by telephone and provide us with your card number and expiry date.

  • Register in our Client Area, and you will be able to carry out the different procedures related to your protection digitally. 

What type of card will you have?

As you know, with Caser Expat Insurance you have total freedom to choose the type of health insurance that best suits your expectations and protection needs, as our commitment is based on you being able to enjoy an insurance policy that suits you.

Depending on the type of insurance you wish to take out to guarantee your health cover, we will send you the health card that corresponds to the type of insurance that is reflected in your health policy.

How long will it take to receive your health card?

Once you have formalised the contracting of your health insurance, and you have notified us of the address to which you want us to send your health card and other contractual documentation, we will deliver it to you within approximately 15 working days.

However, if after this period you have not received your health card at the address indicated, we recommend you contact us to request that it be sent again, by any of the means available to you:

  • By calling our customer service number 91 055 16 61.

  • By making your request directly through your personalised access in our Customer Area.

Where will we send your card?

We will send you your Health Card, together with the rest of the documentation related to your insurance policy, to the address you notify us of.

You are free to choose the address to which you prefer us to send your health card and other documentation, whether it coincides with the one that appears on your policy or if, for any reason, you prefer to notify us of another delivery point.

On the other hand, if you would like us to send you a duplicate of your health card in the future, we will send it to the address you initially gave us, so if you wish to change it, you must do so before making this request.

Can I receive it at a Caser office?

Of course you can. Our aim in this respect is that you can receive, or collect, the documentation related to your health insurance policy at the address that is most convenient for you, affecting your daily routine as little as possible.

Therefore, you are free to choose the address where you wish to receive your health card or, if you prefer, you can tell us the Caser Office where you would like us to send your health insurance documentation, so that you can pick it up when you decide.

If this option is more attractive to you, we recommend you review the different Caser offices available to you, so that you can select the one that is most suitable for you as the collection point for your health card.