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Caser Autohelp

Did you know that your car insurance is able to detect an accident automatically?


24H English-speaking telephone assistance


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Caser Expat Insurance

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Basic Third-Party Insurance

Driving with peace of mind costs very little

This is for you if you need third party insurance, but want to pay as little as possible. We protect the essentials for you so that you can have peace of mind every day.

We call you for free

Caser Autohelp

Detecting an incident and calling 112 with your location.

Compulsory insurance

Comply with the minimum legal requirements.

Travel support

24 hours a day from the first kilometre 0.

Optional fire coverage

Improve your insurance policy with fire coverage.


When your car reaches a certain age, you want to pay as little as possible in your car insurance. Our Basic Third Party insurance offers you the Basic Compulsory Protection, so that it doesn’t cost you much to be able to drive safely in your vehicle.

Check out everything that’s covered by Third Party

We include the necessary coverage so that you can enjoy your car with total peace of mind, and we also give you the possibility to choose from many other options so that you can complete your tailor-made insurance.

Basic coverage

Optional coverage

What is Caser Third-Party Insurance like?

You cover the requirements of the regulations

And you even exceed them, because in addition to Compulsory Civil Liability, you have Voluntary Civil Liability cover, which means an extra for your compensation up to 50,000,000 euros.

More economical modality

This is the Caser Car Insurance with the most economical price, and without leaving out the most important coverages for your vehicle, such as Civil Liability or Travel Assistance.

24-hour appraisal

Your repairs with maximum agility, we assess your vehicle within 24 hours from the time it enters the workshop.

Up to 60% discount

Because if you don't report any accidents, we will give you a discount on the renewal of your policy.


Do you have more than one car?

We like to look after our customers. So, if you choose to insure your car or motorbike with Caser Car, you will enjoy a special discount.

What is Sumauto?

Outstanding services with your Third-Party Car Insurance

Because we like to look after our customers. You will be able to enjoy special advantages just for you for being insured by Caser Car.

Discounts of up to 60%

There are prizes for being a good driver. why, in exchange for making your claims with us, we will credit your account when renewing your policy.

Premium garages

There are more than 500 garages where you will receive special treatment and services and advantages just for you.

Expert opinions within 24 hours

Your repairs will be done with the utmost flexibility. We will appraise your vehicle within 24 hours from when it enters the garage.

If you are searching for car insurance in Spain,
Caser Expat Insurance has the right policy for you!


Third-Party with windscreen

If you’re looking for a car insurance that includes special cover for your windscreens, this is the insurance that will guarantee you peace of mind.


Extended Third-Party Insurance

Our most comprehensive third party car insurance, with the protection you need at a great price.

Full protection

Comprehensive Insurance

Full coverage auto insurance so that you can live your life without worrying, with the best coverage, advantages and services.

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We give you answers to questions related to third party car insurance: contracting, use, insurance management, coverage, limits... and much more!

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