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Insurance in Spain Car Insurance

Car Insurance in Spain Comparison

March 27, 2024

When want to drive around your neighbourhood and city or even embark on a road trip in Spain, a car is normally the best mode of travel. Maybe you’ll head to the north of the Iberian Peninsula, where the green mountains sink into a greyish-blue sea. Or maybe you’ll go south, where you’ll find an endless horizon and orange-tinted earth speckled with white houses. 

No matter what your plans are, you need to get your car in Spain ready to drive, so that you know it won’t bring you any trouble for daily use or long voyages. In addition to preparing your vehicle, you will need to insure your car in Spain in case anything happens.

There is a compulsory minimum insurance that you must have in order to circulate around Spain. So, what are the common insurances that you can buy? Below, we offer our car insurance in Spain comparison for the 5 main types of insurance in Spain.


Car driving through beach with with car Insurance in Spain Comparison

Car Insurance in Spain Comparison

Basic Third-Party Car Insurance

This is the basic third-party insurance required to be able to drive around Spain. Not having third-party insurance can involve a fine of up to €3,000. Third-party insurance means that, in case of an accident, your insurance will cover the other person involved, though neither you nor your car will be covered. With Caser, this coverage provides the basic third-party insurance for those who want to pay as little as possible. At its core, all of your essentials will be protected. 

This kind of insurance is practical in that it is usually the cheapest one and allows you to use your car in Spain. If you don’t drive your car that much and feel you don’t need more thorough coverage, it might be the right insurance for you.


Third Party with Windscreen Cover

This is a third-party insurance with windscreen cover, guaranteeing you special coverage for your windscreens. With this Caser coverage, we cover 100% of the value of your window panes and the invoices for repairs or replacement.

This kind of insurance can be useful for the forward-thinking vehicle owner. While this insurance covers the basics, like any third-party insurance, and guarantees windshield protection in the case of breakage or damage, it can also include extra coverage for other aspects you may be worried about and that you specifically want insured. For example, driving license revocation, a replacement vehicle, animal collisions, etc. 

Extended Third-Party Car Insurance

At Caser, extended third-party insurance offers the protection you need at a great price. Extended third-party covers an additional service, for fire damage, windscreen breakage, or theft. This kind of insurance can be useful for the forward-thinking vehicle owner. As with basic third-party, Extended offers the possibility of extending the policy with a series of optional covers, including a replacement vehicle or the revocation of your driving licence.

Comprehensive Insurance

We've saved the best for last! The final part of this car insurance in Spain comparison goes over Caser's comprehensive car insurance, which is the all-risk option. This type of insurance covers everything you might need in case of an accident: damage caused to the other person, yourself, and the car. It usually covers mechanical problems and other inconveniences or incidents that may arise.

With comprehensive car insurance, the driver can forget about worrying and achieve peace of mind. It has a little bit higher price point than third-party insurance, but anything that happens to your vehicle will be covered by the insurance.

car parked, reading car Insurance in Spain Comparison

Car Replacement Insurance

But wait, there's more! Caser's Coche x Coche car replacement insurance is a special type of insurance coverage specifically for replacing your vehicle. In the event of a total loss, you will be provided another car under ownership. This insurance is compatible with all insurers, with no need to change company or cancel your current car insurance. All in all, it's the perfect add-on to any third-party insurance policy. 

How does Caser's Coche x Coche insurance work? See the process below:

1. Accident: Your third-party insured car is involved in a traffic accident and the responsible party flees the scene. Or maybe you're the responsible party. 

2. Total Loss: The cost to repair the vehicle is higher than the current market value and declared a total loss. In other cases, you might receive compensation, but it wouldn't be enough. And if you're to blame for the accident, you'd receive nothing. 

3. Caser steps in: With Coche x Coche it doesn’t matter who’s to blame. We search for and select 3 cars with similar features to yours. You can either pick one of these cars under ownership, with no taxes or transferral costs, 1-year guarantee, and it's dropped off at your home. Or you can receive 120% of the current market value of your car. The choice is yours!

Caser Autohelp

But wait, there's more! You can add Caser's Autohelp onto any car insurance policy. Autohelp offers countrywide accident assistance, connecting you to a rescue team in the event of an accident. We pinpoint your location with a small device, and if we don’t receive a response from you, we will urgently report your location to emergency services. What a relief in a time of great stress!

Owning a car in Spain means that you will have to invest some money to keep your vehicle protected from possible accidents. You should be aware of vehicle maintenance, yearly taxes and fees, Spanish traffic rules, and insurance requirements. Before you decide which insurance policy to take out, download our free car insurance in Spain comparison, which goes over which Caser auto insurance will best suit your needs. 

Download Free Guide:  How to Choose Car Insurance in Spain

If you are searching for car insurance in Spain, Caser Expat Insurance has the right policy for you!

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