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What is the health insurance age limit when taking out a policy?

Although you’re free to take out your health insurance whenever you want, it’s always advisable to take it out as soon as possible to avoid possible medical or legal constraints that could limit the scope of your protection.

Logically, it’s always a good time to make the decision to protect yourself and your family and take out health insurance.

FAQ_What is the maximum age limit for taking out a medical insurance policy


From the age of 18, you can be a health insurance policyholder, and not subject to any limit to the number of people you include in the policy.

The only thing you need to bear in mind is that, depending on the terms and conditions of the insurance you want to take out, there may be a health insurance age limit, which is usually in the range of 64 to 69 years of age.

It’s important to note that this aspect will not affect the annual renewal of its policy period, if you have already taken out this type of insurance previously, although it will affect the cost of the annual insurance premium.


Some of your medical or surgical cover, especially the most costly, will be subject to a waiting period until they actually enter into effect. With this in mind, taking out health insurance as soon as possible would enable you to gradually increase your prevention and ensure you are eligible for all the insurance cover when you actually need it.

On the other hand, beyond the age limit, the presence of pre-existing illnesses and conditions, prior to taking out your insurance, may restrict the scope of your protection. Therefore, it would be better to take out a policy when you have yet to develop any medical conditions that may limit your medical, surgical or hospital cover.