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What do I need to take out a motor insurance in Spain?

A motorcycle to insure, your date of birth and the start date of your driving licence. It is important for you to be aware that your driving license must be Spanish o be valid for Spain and the ID document must also be Spanish.


How long does my motorcycle insurance last?

All types of Motorcycle insurance policies last a year and have the option to renew.


Am I entitled to discounts if I have another Caser insurance policy?

If you have already taken out a car or motorcycle policy with us, you can take advantage of the MultiCar promotion.


Why is there no Comprehensive without excess?

Due to one of Caser’s internal regulations, Comprehensive without Excess is not currently covered.


Can I insure a delivery motorcycle?

“Delivery” is understood to mean the distribution of merchandise belonging to third parties, unless it is used for public services. As a general rule, this excludes delivering parcels or courier services, as well as prepared food to homes.


Can you insure a motorcycle that drives around ports or airports?

If your motorcycle usually drives around ports or airports for your work or any other reason, due to our procurement regulations, we cannot insure your motorcycle at Caser.


When I renew a policy, is it under the same conditions and paying the same premium?

Premiums and conditions can vary from year to year. For this reason, it is important that you call as to check your renewal and see if there will be any modifications before you finalise your contract. Premiums may vary from year to year due to age groups and use.

If you do not get in contact with us, we will take this to mean that you agree and we will automatically activate your renewal under the same conditions.


Can I put other people on my policy?

Yes, of course. You can always take out motorcycle insurance with different drivers. However, you will need to give everyone’s details.

Bear in mind that the number of drivers may modify the price of the premium.


Will the premium price vary when the registration details are modified?

The motorcycle registration date is very important, as it tells us how old the bike is, provides information on accidents or other insurance policies, etc. This information may change the price depending to the age and, depending on how old it is, it may or may not be insurable.


Is there an upper age limit for insuring motorcycles?

Up to 15 years for a damage warranty. We do not insure vehicles that are older than 30 years old, starting from the first registration date.


Why does the premium vary when my birth date or license issue date are modified?

The antiquity of a driver’s license is essential when it comes to a company estimating the price of a premium. Just like everything else in this life, experience counts. The driver’s age is also important.


Will changing my postcode (even within the same province) affect the price of my insurance?

When calculating risk, the driving post code is very important, because driving in Madrid is not the same as driving in a coastal town in the Basque Country. And the price varies considerable from one place to another, even within the same province. As you know, the majority of accidents occur on short trips.


How do I report an incident?

You can report an incident in several ways:

  • By calling us on 902 11 20 30. It is important that you have at hand: your details and those of the driver (if it was someone other than yourself) and the policy number (which can be found in your insurance documentation).
  • By accessing your Customer Service Area.
  • Through your insurance broker. If you have taken out your policy through a broker, contact them to report an incident.

Their contact details will be on your insurance contract, as well as the policy number.


Can I cancel my policy?

As a customer, you have the right to cancel a service whenever you want. However, if you cancel your policy, the amount of the premium will not be returned to you, as this is a voluntary decision. You have to let us know of your decision to cancel, at least one month before the renewal date.

If you cancel your policy because you are selling your motorcycle, we will require proof of the vehicle’s transferral of ownership, meaning: a vehicle registration certificate in the name of the new owner, the records from the Spanish traffic authority where the transferral of ownership was recorded or the 620 transfer tax record form.


When can I change the policyholder?

Changing the policyholder, meaning the contract owner, between natural people, is usually done in the event that the policyholder dies, provided that the person wanting to become the new policyholder has already been included on the policy for a significant period of time. In this way, any bonuses accrued for no accidents or age will continue to be honoured.

Should the policyholder be a legal person, a change to the policyholder may be made if a business has ceased to trade and a new company exists, or when the driver declares their wish to change the policy to their own name as an individual.

In all other cases, any bonuses accrued are considered to be owned by the particular policyholder and will not be transferred to the new one.


Where do I need to go to request different services?

If you need to make use of the services included in your motorcycle insurance, such as travel support, legal advice or 24-hour hour expert opinions, you can find all information here.


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