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FAQs Pet Insurance. We want you to rely on us


Which animals can I insure?

Our More Than Pets cover is designed for cats and dogs.


Can I take out Caser More Than Pets cover if my dog is not micro-chipped?

Yes, it is possible. You should get your dog micro-chipped as soon as possible after taking out the policy.


I have a dog that is considered to be a dangerous breed, can I take out insurance?

Yes, in the same conditions as a breed which is not considered to be dangerous.


How many pets can I insure?

You can insure up to 5 pets. What's more, with Caser WeCAN Check, more is less - we offer up to 30% discount on additional pets.


Can I insure a cat and a dog on the same policy?

Of course. You can insure up to 5 pets (cats and/or dogs) on one policy.


My dog is old and ill. Can I take out an insurance policy for him?

Of course, we don't exclude by age. They are your best friends and they deserve a good insurance cover.


My pet has a birth defect. Can I insure him?

Yes. There are no restrictions with regards to state of health.


Is there a limit of consultations?

No, there is no limit of consultations.


Do I have to pay the full amount of the veterinary assistance and receive a rebate, or do I only have to pay my part?

In the Caser WeCAN Check tariff you will find the prices to be paid directly to the veterinary centre for 100 common veterinary procedures (analyses, x-rays, surgery, etc.) with up to 40% discount on the market rates.


What should I do in an emergency?

1 Call us on 902 10 23 09 to request authorisation for emergency assistance.

2 We will tell you the nearest emergency centre so that you can take your pet there.

3 You will only have to pay for the franchisee acts.


What happens if I lose my pet?

Let us know and we will advise you how to initiate proceedings to report the loss to the authorities.


Sometimes I can't walk my dog and I need someone else to do it. Can you help?

Call us and we will put you in contact with a dog-walking company in your area.


I want to take my pet on holiday with me, but I need a pet-friendly hotel. How can I find pet-friendly hotels in a certain area?

We will show you pet-friendly hotels in your chosen area. We can even advise you of a specific hotel.


Can I take my pet to my chosen veterinary centre?

Caser WeCAN Check boasts a large network of approved veterinary centres. These are the only centres which can be used with this cover.


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