Our History

Caser Seguros was founded in 1942 to provide coverage to the Spanish Agricultural Association. Connected to the rural world since our beginnings, we have grown over the course of these +75 years, becoming a major player in the insurance sector.

  • 2020
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    Swiss group Helvetica acquires majority stake

  • 2019
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    Caser Asesores Financieros is founded

    With the aim of attracting the best professionals in the financial industry with clients seeking personalised advice and comprehensive planning solutions.

  • 2018
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    Roll-out of Strategic Plan 2018-2022

    It is based on three pillars: digital transformation, customer-centric approach within the company, and excellence in insurance distribution.

  • 2015
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    Strategic Plan 2015-2019

    A new phase begins. Design of the 2015-2019 Strategic Plan. The new roadmap boosts distribution through professional brokerage and strengthens bancassurance, simultaneously placing a focus on the customer and digitalisation.

  • 2009
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    Fundación Caser is founded

    Nowadays, the foundation focuses on fostering personal autonomy and promoting healthy living habits.

  • 2008
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    Health care services

    It starts providing direct health care services after purchasing hospitals in the Canary Islands and Extremadura.

  • 2004
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    Company merger and acquisition of Caser Residencial

    Merger of Caser companies and relocation to a new headquarters in Madrid. It also acquires Caser Residencial, a network of retirement homes.

  • 2001
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    New deals

    French mutual insurers MMA and MAAF, known today as COVEA, enter Caser’s shareholding structure.

  • 1992
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    Specialisation in bancassurance

    Caser distributes its products through banks, marking the start of the company’s specialisation in bancassurance.

  • 1960
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    Cajas de Ahorros

    The then cajas de ahorros begin to take stakes in Caser.

  • 1942
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    Caser is founded

    Initial steps as insurer of the Asociación Española de Agricultura.