Because your family is indivisible,
a single price for all

Caser Health

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Expat insurance company in Spain

We are your insurance company for expats in Spain. Choose the insurance that best suits your needs, with the best coverage and special prices for expats.

Caser Health
  • More than 45.000 professionals at your service.
  • Medical insurance customised for every client.
  • Telephone and on-line medical support 24 hours a day.
Caser Car
  • Travel assistance from Km 0.
  • Unrestricted choice of garages.
  • Assessment within 24 hours.
Caser House
  • All-in-one package for your house.
  • From basic to optional coverage.
  • Policy designed around the real risk factors.

Caser makes it easy for you:
Expat to-do list when hiring an insurance in Spain

We want to help you get started so that you only worry about making yourself, and your family, at home. 

How can I get the NIE (foreign National ID)?

How to open a bank account in Spain?         

How to register a foreign car in Spain?        

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