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What is patient health questionnaire?

Along with the application for medical insurance, a patient health questionnaire is included. This questionnaire must be completed for each person to be insured (except those who are under the age of 18). You are obliged to answer each question truthfully, and note down all known circumstances in relation to your health, past and current. 

What is patient health questionnaire?

Do I have to undergo a medical examination to take out health insurance?

No. If you wish to take out your health insurance with us, you will not have to undergo a medical examination. All you need to do is fill out a Health Questionnaire along with your application. We will provide it and you will personally fill in the information we need.

This document will be fully adapted to the type and coverage of the health insurance you want to take out and will help us to establish in detail the conditions and clauses of your protection.
Through this document, we’ll know your state of health at the time of taking out your insurance policy, trusting the information you provide us and avoiding the need for you to send us a medical certificate issued by an independent professional.
Therefore, in this document, we will ask you some questions about your state of health, as well as those people you wish to be included in your insurance policy, except in the case of minors under 18 years of age, whose questionnaire must be completed and signed by their father, mother or legal tutor.

Based on this information, we will be able to make a correct assessment of the risk associated with taking out your health insurance, expressing our agreement or showing you the possible exclusion or limitation of some of your coverage due to the presence of a pre-existing illness, and always with your agreement.

Visit this page: Why do you need to fill out a medical questionnaire before taking out health insurance? to obtain more detailed information about what a patient health questionnaire is and why we consider it necessary to complete and submit it. 

Can I be refused health insurance because of the information provided in the previous questionnaire?

When taking out a health insurance policy, you should know that there are some exceptional cases related to illnesses or ailments which we cannot insure with our cover.
Once you have sent us your completed Health Questionnaire, we may contact you to exclude some coverage or to refuse your application.

Please, be aware that if the health questionnaire contains inaccuracies or intentional omissions, we reserve the right to unilaterally terminate the health insurance policy.