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Caser is an insurance group that was born more than 70 years ago. Our purpose today is the same as it was back then: to provide a valuable product and excellent insurance service in Spain.

In 1942, we started out by giving coverage to the Farmers’ Association. Little by little, we started incorporating products for individuals and companies as well. We have now grown to become a composite insurance group, specialising in service.

Our shareholders include a significant amount of Spanish financial institutions, as well as COVEA - a prominent French mutual insurance company, CECA and Ahorro Corporación.

We are attending to get to know our clients’ needs in detail and address them from an innovative perspective. And we have a large team of people to help us do this, while collaborating with and being supported by specialised professional distribution networks.

Sound and creditworthy

+ 1.600 PEOPLE

  • More than 1,600 people work at Caser so as to provide our2.3 million clients with our products and the best insurance in Spain.


By means of:
  • 40 of our own offices,
  • 2.200 mediators,
  • 115 agents’ offices,
  • 10 health offices,
  • 12.000 sales points in financial institutions.


Caser also operates in other markets:
  • Caser Residential (specialist in caring for older people in more than 15 nursing homes),
  • The hospital business with more than 5 health and medical care facilities,
  • Our own dental clinics,
  • Caser Care that provides maintenance and support services.
In total, there are more than 3,400 people working for the Group. Our story

More than 1,600 people work at Caser so as to provide our 2.3 million clients with our products and the best service.

Our headquarters in Madrid coordinate thousands of operations, recommendations, calls, quotes and solutions on a daily basis.

Furthermore, Caser insurance schemes are distributed in a further 40 offices, thanks to 2,200 mediators in 115 agents’ offices, 10 health offices or 12,000 sales points in financial institutions with whom we have partnerships for marketing products.

In total, more than 3,400 people make up Caser Group, which also operates in other markets that share our synergy: Caser Residential is a specialist service looking after older people in 15 nursing homes.

The hospital business already has five health and medical care facilities located in the Canary Islands and Extremadura. The health branch is developing a network of dental clinics.

Caser Asistencia is the group’s most recent company, which provides maintenance and support services.
The future is now...
The future is now...

We have started to enthusiastically work on a new and ambitious step. Some of our aims that have been captured in our 2015-2016 Strategic Plan are growing above the industry’s current levels and achieving profitability benchmarks that are compatible with this growth. Digitalisation and wide channelling will be keys in the era of technological innovation and big data.

And will be forever more.
...And will be forever more.

What will tomorrow be like? What do we need to be prepared for? As the insurance business is so closely related to society, we have a privileged view point to keep our finger on the pulse about the issues that concern us all. This is how El Observatorio de Pensiones was born in 2008. We use surveys, publications and meeting to make a platform for knowledge, reflection and awareness regarding the pensions world and how they tie in with creating a sustainable future for everyone. Given the current circumstances, we have set ourselves the priority of clarifying a matter of interest for citizens: preparing for retirement in this key social an economic time for well-being culture that is governing Europe right now.


Caser Foundation was founded in 2009. Through analysing how Caser could be involved and participate in society beyond its business matters, the fist years of Caser Foundation were centred around building a forum for debate about people’s dependency. The main objective was to unite resolve and efforts among the main protagonists in order contribute to dependent people and their relatives. Later on, we became aware of the different perspectives on ageing and the positive impact that both prevention and encouraging habits for healthy living have on personal autonomy. In light of this, the Caser Foundation evolved and broadened its initiatives regarding developing promotional measures and the population’s social well-being.

Over the last few years, we have significantly intensified our activity. You find out about them in more detail at

Caser and Eurapco - Insurance without borders

As a partner of Eurapco, Caser actively participates in this alliance of European insurance companies. The headquarters are in Zurich and it comprises eight companies that operate in 18 countries in Europe. Together we have more than 40 million clients and employ 67,000 people.

Eurapco’s main objectives are to provide its partners with the opportunity to exchange knowledge and to take develop their joint business. Find out more on their website: