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Staying ahead of the curve in what you actually need

The aim of our insurance company in Spain is to offer a valuable product and an excellent service. We do this by knowing our customers' needs in detail and anticipating them with innovative solutions and services. To achieve this, we have a great team of people, as well as the collaboration and support of different specialised distribution networks. In 1942, we began by providing coverage for the Farmers' Association. Gradually, we added products for individuals and companies and grew to become a multi-branch insurance group and service specialist. Since 2003, we have been operating in other markets that share synergies with the insurance sector: homes for the elderly, hospitals, facility management and financial advice. Our approach is focused on innovation through anticipation. We are ready for you.

Solid and solvent

Caser insurance company in Spain is owned by Helvetia, one of the main insurers in Europe,
with over 160 year's experience in the market as well as operations in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Italy and France.



Caser’s team of over 1,600 people work to put our products and the best service in the hands of over 2.2 million customers.


Marketing through 2,300 brokers, 125 sales offices and 10,000 points of sale in sale in banks.


Caser also operates in other markets, nursing homes, hospitals, clinics, in total more than 5,800 people work in the Group.

Talent and business

A total of 5,800 people form part of the Caser Group, which also operates in other markets with which it shares synergies: care and residences for the elderly, hospitals, facility management and financial advice or veterinary clinics, among others.


The future is now...

We are excited to have begun working on a new and ambitious phase. Our objectives, set out in our 2025 Strategic Plan, include furthering our customer-centric approach and efficiency. Digitalisation and an omni-channel strategy will be key in the era of technological innovation and big data.

What will tomorrow be like? What do we need to be prepared for? The insurance business, so close to society, allows us to be privileged observers and to have our finger on the pulse of issues that concern us all.


...and forever.

What will tomorrow be like? What do we need to prepare for? Insurance activity, in close interaction with society, puts us in a privileged position with valuable insight into the issues that concern us all. The Observatorio de Pensiones was founded in 2008 and by drawing on surveys, publications, and events it has become a platform of knowledge and reflection and raises awareness around the world of pensions and their importance in building a sustainable future for all.

In light of the current situation, we have doubled down in our efforts to shine light on a matter of concern to citizens: preparing for retirement at a social and economic turning point in the culture of wellbeing taking over Europe.


Social commitment

Caser set up its Foundation in 2009. After analysing how it could engage with society beyond its business, the initial years of Fundación Caser were focused on building a forum for discussion around dependency primarily with a view to teaming up with key industry players to offer solutions to dependents and their families.

Further down the line, aware of the prospects of aging and the positive impact of prevention and the promotion of healthy lifestyle habits conducive to personal autonomy, it evolved and expanded its initiatives around actions to promote health and social well-being among the population.

We have ramped up our activity in recent years. See what we have been doing at www.fundacioncaser.es


Part of Eurapco

Caser is a member of and active contributor to Eurapco, a Zurich-based association of European insurers made up of eight companies that operate in 18 countries across Europe.

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