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My Emotional Health and Well-being Platform - Health Insurance

Improving the care of your mind and emotions

At your disposal different online courses and live classes with professionals and psychologists who will help you to improve your well-being. They will give you guidelines and tips to: sleep better, manage daily stress and improve the process of personal and emotional self-knowledge. All this is 100% digital, from wherever you want.

Live workshops with psychologists & audio exercises

Videos with the streaming recording

Summaries of what has been learned & practised


What does My Emotional Health and Well-being Platform consist of?

  • Emotional health well-being is the state of mind that is reflected when you feel good and at ease with yourself, and also with the world around you. This good emotional health is reached when you are aware of your own capacities, which allow you to face the challenges and possible stress of everyday life in a balanced way.


    The My Emotional Health and Well-being Platform is an online tool, with live sessions, guided by professionals in the psychology field. You will learn quickly and easily, different routines and habits to incorporate in your daily life to improve the care of your mind and emotions. And how will you do it? Through the practice of different courses, with the topics we tell you about below. 

What courses you will find on My Emotional Health and Well-being platform?

Topics you will find on My Emotional Health and Well-being Platform

What will Mindfulness give you?

  • More concentration and memory power.
  • Live the present more and better.
  • Learn how to relax through meditation.
  • Learn how to listen to and control your emotions.
  • Help to understand and take better care of yourself.

What will emotional intelligence give you?

  • Understand your emotional responses and those of the people around you.
  • Learn how to manage the emotions that don't help you to grow or socialise.
  • Improve behavioural patterns and practice more empathy with others.
  • Prevent feelings from influencing your decision-making.

How will the "Cómo dormir bien" course help you?

  • To follow guidelines for a restful and healthy sleep.
  • To learn about sleep development and sleep disorders.
  • To improve memory and learning.
  • To reduce the risk of heart disease.

How will "Gestión del estrés" help you?

  • To understand the effects of stress on the body.
  • Types of stress that can affect you.
  • Learn how to handle it in an appropriate way.
  • Discovering the motivational effect, reducing negative consequences.

What are the benefits of Pilates?

  • It improves body posture.
  • It increases muscle flexibility.
  • It improves breathing and helps to fight stress.
  • It helps fat loss and shapes the body.
  • Non-injurious.

Did you know that this service comes as a FREE GIFT with your health insurance?

When talking about well-being, emotional health has a fundamental role to play. That's why, when you take out your Caser health insurance, in any of its modalities, we give you exclusive access to the "My Emotional health Well-being" platform.

How do I access the My Emotional Health and Well-being Platform?


Take out your Health Insurance

Choose the type of insurance that best suits you: with or without co-payment, with or without hospitalisation, for families, for young people...


Download the "Caser Salud" APP

And log in with your DNI/NIE and your Client Area password.


Click on "Centro Médico Caser - Telemedicina"

Access the platform from the APP main menu.

You'll have to sign up the first time you log in and then you can already access all the available courses!

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