Glosario de Seguros

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Absolute Incapacity

An irreversible loss of the bodily function which renders a person unfit for any kind of profession or post.

Acceptance of credentials

A document which certifies that one or various people have the faculties or powers to issue certification about third parties or companies to the Administración Nacional, Autonómica o Regional [National, Autonomic or Regional Administration], as well as their Autonomous Bodies and Public Enterprises. We have this certification for all of the public bodies in Spain.

Accidental and sudden pollution

Pollution. The introduction or spread of substances into the ground, water or air, which cause deterioration, resulting to be dangerous or harmful to the quality of said resources.

Accidental. Not having occurred intentionally or in a way that was foreseen or consented to, and which is the normal consequence of the activity performed.

Sudden. Pollution which can be proven once it has occurred and which is discovered in no more than 120 hours from the moment that the discharge triggers the pollution until its existence is discovered.

Accreditation documentation

In Art, when we talk about an artwork’s documentation, we mean the accreditation documentation which testify to the work’s authenticity or that of the pieces, as well as the value. In order to perform this study, we need to access this documentation.

Active mass

A company’s property assets.

Aesthetic damage

Special coverage which bears the expenses associated with maintaining the original aesthetic or uniform aesthetics. For example, if some tiles need to be chipped in order to repair a water leakage, and these tiles are no longer sold, we at Caser will be responsible for completely replacing the tiles in the damaged room in order to maintain aesthetic harmony.

Agreed value

This is the value agreed upon by both parties, after having completed a study and accreditation of the object to be valued.

Attic floor

The last floor on a residential building, including the rooftop of the building or in other instances, the beginning of the building’s rooftop.