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Speak to the medical specialist you need over the phone, video call or chat. Your health from the comfort of your own home.

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Caser Expat Insurance

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Health Insurance in Spain

Health insurance in Spain customised for every client

We adapt to your needs and those of your family. More than 45,000 professionals at your service working to look after all of you. Get 30% off and up to 1 month for free! Plus 5% just for Expats!

We call you for free

Health insurance services in Spain that meet every need

We are offering you an insurance scheme that meets every need, and which grants access to one of the broadest and most prestigious medical teams.

With co-payment

  • Sporadic use


Private medicine at the best price, with direct access to specialities and diagnostic tests.

  • Standard copayment

  • Without hospitalisation

  • Sporadic use


With the essential cover for everyday life, reduced co-payment and the first 10 copayments free of charge.

  • Low copayment

  • Without hospitalization

  • Sporadic use


The cheapest way to have private health insurance without giving up anything.

  • Standard copayment

  • With hospitalisation

  • Featured
  • Normal use


Everything to take care of you and your family. And what's more, your first 10 copayments are free of charge.

  • 10 first co-payments free

  • With co-payment

Without co-payment

  • Valid for NIE/VISA
  • Frequent use

Adapta + dental + Repatriation

The health insurance in Spain for families who don't want extra expenses and also with dental insurance included.

  • Dental coverage
  • With hospitalization

  • Free choice


Maximum cover and reimbursement of expenses when you choose a specialist outside the Medical Team.

  • With reimbursement

  • With hospitalization

Co-payments and hospitalization


Large and reliable medical team

More than 45,000 professionals spread all over the country. We search for the best specialists to serve you.

Medical Team

Caser Expat Insurance, your confidence is our greatest motivation

  • We are a company backed by 80 years of experience in the insurance sector.

  • Because today we look after and protect what matters most to more than 2 million people.

  • And because every day, more than 5,000 professionals are close to you giving you a fast, efficient and quality service to make your life easier.

Why choose Health Insurance with Caser Expat Insurance?

Personalized assistance in English operating 24 hours a day

Reduce your waiting time by streamlining how you manage your medical needs.

 The best professionals in all medical specialities with the most advanced diagnostic procedures. Directly access specialist consultations and diagnostic tests. 

 Telephone and online medical and paediatric support 24 hours a day and support while you’re overseas. Thanks to the free Centro Médico Caser.

We reimburse you for expenses related to your health

With Activa, Integral and Prestigio:

We reimburse you 50% of your expenses for pharmacies and childhood vaccinations, up to a total of €100 per insured person per year.

We reimburse you 50% of what you spend at your optician's, up to a maximum of €100 per insured person per year.

Online medical insurance to make your day-to-day life easier

All Caser health insurance options include differential digital services:

Caser Salud App. Consult the Medical Directory, request authorisations for diagnostic tests and identify yourself in the centres with the "Digital Card".

Selfie Health: take a simple selfie with your mobile phone camera to obtain more than 10 important indicators for your health: heart rate, irregular heartbeat, stress index, facial skin age, etc.

My Emotional Well-being platform:  improve the care of your mind and emotions with the practice of Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence.

Reimbursement and qualifying periods

Our most prestigious no copay health insurance in Spain is your best option.

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