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Dental Coverage FAQs. So that everything is clear


If my teeth are covered as part of my health insurance, then why do I need dental insurance?

This depends on your own needs. If your current insurance covers all that you need, then there's no need to worry. However, if you or your children need to undergo an expensive procedure or long-term treatment, then you'll be able to save money if you take out dental insurance.

If you want to begin a long-term treatment, your dental coverage could help you save up to 20% of the cost. However, dental insurance could help you save up to 50%.

You'd get 14 free procedures with your current dental coverage as part of your health insurance. Whereas, with dental insurance, you would have 40 free treatments.


What is Dentascan?

Dentascan is a specific study carried out on your upper and lower jaw (dental arch). This shows both the teeth and the quality of the bone and the bone mass in this part of the body. This study is particularly important for procedures concerning dental implants.


Can I go to whichever dentist I want to?

Of course! So long as the dentist is in our directory, you can call them up and get an appointment.


What happens to my pharmacy charges?

It's very simple:

  • 1. Pay for what you need at your usual pharmacy.
  • 2. Fill in and sign the reimbursement form.
  • 3. Send us the form, the original receipt for the products you bought and include the original medical prescriptions. Send these to: CASER - Health Reimbursement Dept. Avda Burgos, 109. 28050 Madrid).
  • 4. Within 15 working days, we will reimburse you via the bank account from which you pay for your insurance.

And that's that!


Can I use it whenever I want?

The big advantage to Caser Dental Health is that you can use it straight away. There is no need to wait - so, you can start treatment whenever you see fit. From day one of your insurance, you can call your specialist and get access to the treatment or services that you require. You'll soon see how easy and stress-free it is.


Can I get my children covered under the same policy?

Of course! The more, the merrier. Take a look at our current family discounts.


How can I pay for this?

If you opt for Caser Essential Dental Health, you pay on an annual, weekly and quarterly basis. If you opt for Case Perfect Smile Dental Health, you can choose to pay on an annual, weekly, quarterly or monthly basis. Also, with the Perfect Smile plan, you can save up to 6% if you decide to pay on a weekly or annual basis.


Is there a health questionnaire to fill out?

If you opt for Caser Dental Health, you don't have to fill out a health questionnaire. So, feel free to talk to us today. We look forward to helping you.


Is there an age limit?

Well, it might surprise you, but there is no age limit! You can use Caser Dental Health no matter how old, or how young, you are.


Do I have to be signed up for a certain period of time?

You can renew your policy as many times as you want and you can stay on the plan for as long as you wish.

What are the basic requirements for taking out dental insurance?

Anybody can have dental insurance. Nobody is excluded from having it, so long as the person taking out the policy is over 18.

What does the Children's Dental Plan cover?

Given how weak children's teeth are, from an early age, it's best to teach your children to look after their teeth properly. Children under 15 have free access to treatments such as fillings to prevent cavities, fluoridation treatments to fully clean the mouth and a bi-annual review to check for future problems or damage. You can rest assured that if your child has toothache, you can go straight to the dentist.

Please note that orthodontics, endodontics and prosthetics are not covered. However, you would only have to pay a special price, which would give you a 50% saving.


Who do I need to contact to request different services?

You can contact us via the telephone numbers here and you can also reach us online so that you can access the services that you need.

  • Requests for Dentascan Service.
  • Requests for Maxillofacial consultations.

902 432 250

  • Oral Health Service and Emergencies.
  • Medical and Paediatric Help.

902 090 799

Go to 'Oral Health Service'

  • Medical and Paediatric Help online.

Go to Medical Help


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