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How long does health insurance last?

The duration or validity of your health insurance is one year, as is the case with practically all insurance policies in our country. However, we will automatically renew it if you do not inform us otherwise with one month's notice before the end of its effective validity.

FAQ_How long does health insurance last

As in practically all insurance policies, and especially in the case of health insurance, the duration or validity of your policy will be one year.

After this period, your policy will be automatically renewed, maintaining all the contracted coverage.

If, for any reason, you do not wish us to proceed with the automatic renewal of your health insurance policy, you only have to notify us of your decision one month before the expiry of the term of your protection, so that we have sufficient time to process your cancellation once the effective term of validity has expired.


There is no limit to the duration of your health insurance contract, as you are the only person who has the power to decide whether or not you wish to continue with the protection, we offer you each year.

Then, back to the first question about how long does health insurance last: the duration or validity of your health insurance is annual and renewable, so you can freely exercise your right not to renew your insurance whenever you wish, by personally notifying us of your decision at least one month before it expires.