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Dental treatments

We take care of your smile

We offer you different dental treatments to guarantee your oral health. For you, the best solutions, the most advanced technology and outstanding dentists to obtain an unbeatable final result. Whatever your dental treatment needs, our aim is for you to have and boast a healthy mouth.

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Caser Expat Insurance dental treatments


Dental implant

What do you achieve with this dental treatment?
You recover lost teeth, either because they have fallen out or because of infection. Smile and speak naturally and without worries.

What are the advantages?
Dental implants are a long-lasting and permanent solution, without damaging the rest of the teeth and with the appearance of a natural tooth.

This type of treatment will allow you to chew normally and also give you a rejuvenated facial appearance.


Invisible Orthodontics - Invisalign

What do you achieve with this dental treatment?
You straighten and arrange the position of your teeth thanks to the use of transparent aligners. No one will notice that you are perfecting your smile.

What are the advantages?
The aligners are custom-made for your mouth; they correct your teeth without injury or discomfort. And they don't affect your speech either.

The aligners are removable: you can take them out to eat or brush your teeth. Comfort and hygiene for your mouth.


Tooth whitening

What do you get with this dental treatment?
Restore the colour you have lost in your teeth. Clean and bright tone by means of photoactivation or splints. Show off a radiant smile.

What are the advantages?
Tooth whitening is a painless technique that you can do yourself at home under the supervision of professionals.

You get results from the first appointment. Once the treatment is finished, you will be able to wear a long-lasting and safe white smile.


Dental Orthodontics

What do you achieve with this dental treatment?
By using brackets you correct problems with the position and functionality of your teeth. You will have your best smile.

What are the advantages?
Once you have finished your treatment you will improve your oral health and your facial appearance.

With orthodontics, you minimise the risk of dental wear and the appearance of caries.