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40 free services

Without any additional costs

Up to 50% discount

On all other treatments

Kids Dental Plan

Free access to the main odontological and paediatric treatments to kids younger than 15 years old

For you

Essential Smile



For all your family

Essential Smile for 3 to 6 insured parties

Special price for families


* Promotion valid for contract made before 14/09/2023

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It enables you to access treatments that would be expensive if paying for them up-front. In this way, if you are insured with us, we guarantee you a special reduced price of up to 50% of the market prices.

40 essential treatments at no extra cost. You can have various procedures done in the same appointment. One filling counts as one procedure.

Free dental treatments, protection and care for your children under 15 years old. Excludes orthodontics, endodontics and prosthesis. Includes 6-monthly check-ups, guidance on how to best look after your mouth, prevent caries and diseases such as bruxism. Looking after your child’ dental health is not about depriving them sweets, but in educating them and looking after their oral hygiene regularly.

You are entitled to two consultations with a maxillofacial surgeon per year. If you have respiratory problems, or if you are looking for something more definitive than an orthodontics treatment, we have the most qualified professionals who can advise you so that you are always making an informed decision.

Dentascan specifically studies both your upper and lower jaws (dental arch). It shows the teeth as well as the bone quality and bone mass in the areas of interest, so as to assess suitability for dental implants.

Discover the treatments and services of Essential Smile

The minimum requirement. Comprehensive check-ups to determine that everything is working as it should. No cost. Professionals recommend check-ups twice a year.

Don’t like that tooth that sticks out a bit? Our professionals will provide you with a comprehensive assessment, determining all important factors to take into account for a perfect correction.

If you need surgery to extract one of those warrior wisdom teeth, you will not incur any additional cost with your dental insurance plan.

The essential for your children. Infant Dental Plan is for up to 15 year olds and consists of regular check-ups, monitoring and prevention of childhood caries and gum care.

Fillings and reconstructions. As much as you look after your teeth, they can still break easily. We don’t all have the same type of enamel, or the same strength teeth. If you break a tooth, we will fix it for you. It’s as simple as that.

Dental alignment is not about aesthetics, it is about your mouth working properly. Well-aligned teeth allow you to bite better, chew properly and are easier to clean properly. We provide you and your loved ones with the perfect orthodontic plan, at an ideal price for you.

Removable, fixed, lingual, invisible, post-treatment stabilisation.

The best professionals and the most advanced techniques. Because your health comes first. Study, surgical phase, guided surgery and prosthetic phases. The whole programme in a single cover. Because we never leave the job half done.

Terminology overload, right? Let us explain. You probably don’t know, but the way that you bite, chew and even the position and intensity of your teeth while you sleep, can cause damage that you don’t realise: severe headaches, bruxism, jaw stiffness, and even displacements or dislocations. It may be hard to believe, but 40% of the population do not address such symptoms, which results in greater problems.

Your dental insurance cover is in place to curb and prevent such situations, avoiding further complications.

One of the dental procedures that we like the least. Which costs the most. We cover all three forms; single rooted teeth, dual rooted teeth and multi-rooted teeth.

Your teeth are not only the beautiful white enamel, but everything that lies beneath. Healthy gums are the perfect synonym of perfect oral health. Assessment and diagnosis, regenerative therapy and grafts, when necessary, are covered.

Having a full set of teeth is not just an aesthetic demand, it is a functional requirement - to chew, to bite and to speak correctly. Teeth are essential for our daily life. With Caser Dental Insurance, you will have access to all types of dental implants.

Fixed, removable, aesthetic and skeletal.

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Family Dental Plan: Advantages

No grace periods

Use your insurance from the day 1

No surprises

No co-payments

No medical history questionnaire

No need to complete a medical questionnaire or take out a health insurance

No age limits

An insurance for kids and adults

Tailored to your needs

Pay your insurance premium on a monthly, quarterly, six-monthly or annual basis, with no surcharges

Smile Essential: Insurance packed with benefits

Medical Network: over 1500 professional across the country.
Consult the medical Network
Caser Dental Clinics: Quality treatment tailored to your needs.
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We answer your questions about taking out, using and managing the insurance, as well as its coverage, limits...and much more!



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