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Dental Insurance: A separate policy or part of your health insurance?

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Is the dental insurance the same as what is included in a regular health insurance policy? Is it enough? The answer depends on the type of insurance. However, there are certain considerations that you, as a user, will want to take into account in order to make an informed decision.

First, as a rule, dental coverage is not included in health insurance. Most medical policies offer a limited number of preventive oral hygiene services, such as examinations and cleanings.

Caser offers the perfect combination of a comprehensive medical insurance policy plus dental insurance. Caser Adapta + Sonrisa Esencial has an extensive list of providers with no co-payments, which cover the most common treatments for which we would usually go to the dentist.


A dental policy that satisfies your needs and does not charge a co-pay is the best option, considering that if you don’t have dental insurance, most treatments will not be covered by the public health system and if you go to a private clinic with no insurance the price will be out of reach for most people and you will not receive the discounts that you would with a dental policy. And that’s why Caser has combined the two – medical and dental – into a single policy.

The second point to consider is that if you already have a medical insurance policy it will be more economical to add dental than if you didn’t have one.  The dilemma comes in if you do not have a medical policy, in which case there are two options.

Dental insurance only: As far as medical coverage is concerned, a private policy that is specifically for dental insurance covers a wider range of services than the public health system. Many people prefer to have their own private policy for the convenience and the speed that private insurance offers for some services, in particular the quick access to specialists. You may want to choose to take out dental insurance only, but this would mean you would miss out on the advantages that private health cover brings you.


Dental and medical:  Bear in mind that the dental insurance will be less expensive in this case, because it is included in the price of the medical cover. Whilst paying a little more for both dental and medical cover, you will be completely covered, which brings peace of mind and also speed when treating possible unseen health problems.

To conclude, it is really up to you whether you want to take out dental insurance only, or a policy that combines the two. Of course, there are advantages of both and your decision will be based on your individual needs. In order to help you make up your mind, check out our list of Dental Hygiene Facts & Myths, which details common misconceptions about dental healthcare and why you really do need dental coverage. 

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