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Living and Working in Spain

Common Accidents at Home

Living and Working in Spain Robert Nieuwland

No home is exempt from the appearance of flaws and damage to its structure or elements. Apart from the more serious accidents that rarely occur, in this publication we’d like to highlight the common accidents at home, serious enough to alter the daily routine of families. When this happens, the solution is to quickly call an urgent repair service, although before reaching this point it is advisable to pay attention to the condition of the property and solve the deficiencies when they are still slight.

But it is not enough to fix the damages that occur in the home as soon as possible; proper maintenance of some strategic elements is essential so that the comfort of the house is not truncated when we least expect it.

So, what are the most common accidents at home?

Front door locks

One of the most frequent issues occurs right at your front door… As soon as we insert the key and notice some resistance to opening or closing, it is best to change the lock before the day comes when the key breaks due to excessive force or it is not possible to enter the house. The breakage of this element is quite common in most houses due to the wear they suffer over time, due to closing normally by slamming the door, etc.

front door locks are one of the most common accidents at home

Power failures

Power failures or power outages are also a fairly common problem. The most common causes are failures in the plugs or sockets, so normally you have to call a specialist to fix it. Sometimes the power control switch is simply disabled, commonly referred to as "blowing a fuse," because we have plugged too many electrical appliances into the outlet and overstepped the electrical power limit. To do this, you have to unplug an appliance, go to the electrical panel and turn up the switch or switches that have been disabled.

Damage to electrical appliances

Without a doubt, electrical appliances are the main source of breakdowns in a home. The most normal thing is that they are electrical damages in electrical appliances, especially in heaters, washing machines, refrigerators, vitroceramics, air conditioners, electric radiators, etc., since they suffer a lot from wear and tear. Do not think that it is better to buy a new one than to fix it, since it is not always the case. Before making that decision, contact specialists in the repair of electrical damage or Caser Home Insurance. When they break down continuously, it is preferable to replace them with more modern ones.

kitchen appliances provoke common accidents at home

Water damage

Plumbing and moisture mishaps also have the honor to belong to the category “common accidents at home”. The causes can be very varied, from improper ventilation of spaces to damage to the structure or pipes. In this case, the most appropriate solution is to request the services of professionals to determine the origin and eradicate the problem.

Taking into account that almost all rooms in a home need this system to work properly, breakdowns range from jammed pipes in the bathroom or kitchen, a dripping tap, a failure of the heating system, etc. Therefore, if the DIY-care does not give results, the assistance of the plumbers is mandatory.

water damage is a common accident at home

Damaged boilers

The water might be running correctly, but without a working boiler we are left without heating and without hot water. It is not the most common, since the boilers are well maintained through mandatory periodic reviews, however, they must be taken into account. Normally they are failures in the pump or a flaw in the safety valve. For this, you must call the technical service.

These are just some of the most common breakdowns, but unfortunately the range of possible problems reaches beyond this selection. We hope that none of this happens in your homes, but if so, do not hesitate to call professionals so that the repair is quick and so as not to cause greater damage.

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Robert Nieuwland

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