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Home and Contents Insurance in Spain

June 4, 2020

Depending on your situation, you may be thinking about getting Home and Contents Insurance when buying an apartment in Spain or renting out your apartment to tenants. Homebuyers should always get home insurance in order to keep their new investment protected, but for people renting out their flat, it’s not always clear what type of insurance you need to provide as the landlord. Below, we explain everything you need to take into consideration. 

What are the types of coverages in Spain?

In Spain, there are generally two types of coverages: 

  1. Continente: Basic insurance for things like the structure of the apartment, walls, floors/tiles, and certain appliances, like the water heater. 
  2. Contenido: An additional insurance to cover damage to things like furniture and appliances, among other extra coverages.

home and contents insurance for your spanish residence

What is Home and Contents Insurance? 

The combination of the two types of coverages mentioned above is often known as Home and Contents Insurance. By combining Caser Home Insurance basic coverage and optional coverages, you can get the complete home insurance you’re looking for. 

Caser’s basic home insurance includes coverage for fire, severe weather, malicious acts, electric damage, accidents, and more, with certain exceptions. Their optional coverages include all property damage, vehicles and the garage, accidents, household appliances, and dangerous dog breeds.

What coverage is best for homeowners vs. landlords?

For homeowners, it is recommended that you get the basic coverage and as many additional coverages as possible; basically coverage for both continente and contenido. Any responsibility for the home or apartment falls to you, and you can save yourself a lot of expensive repairs or any other troubles by having complete coverage.

For landlords renting out their flat, coverage for continente is the standard is Spain in order to protect the structure and integrity of your property. If you are not supplying furniture and amenities to renters, you might not need coverage for contenido, but this should always be expressly written and agreed upon in the rental contract. Caser’s basic coverage is the perfect option in this situation. If you are supplying the furniture and appliances to renters, you absolutely should get extra coverage.

home and contents insurance for your posessions

What is coverage for Civil Liability?

A Civil Liability Clause covers unexpected third-party grievances that may occur on or around your property. Maybe an object falls from your balcony and does damage to the apartment below. Maybe your water lines are leaking into the flats downstairs. This coverage can also apply to your pets in certain circumstances (by the way, do you have Caser Pet Insurance to keep your best buddy healthy and happy?) Civil Liability is included in Caser’s basic coverage! 

To get complete coverage, you can also get an Accident Clause to cover injuries to your family or others, within or outside your home. This is an optional coverage provided by Caser. 

Navigating home insurance in Spanish can be tough if you’re not fluent or don’t know the terminology. Caser Expat Insurance could be a good idea if you don’t quite master the Spanish language because they offer telephone assistance in English.

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