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Advantages of Health Insurance Without Copay

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Spain health insurances are always expected to be comprehensive and adapted to one’s needs. You will probably want to be demanding with the services it provides for you. After all, the point of a health insurance is feeling safe if anything happens: having the knowledge that you will receive a complete attention tailored to your needs if you ever need it. In Spain, you often have two options to choose from: health insurance without copay or health insurance with copayments

Caser Insurance

Stability, safety, and comprehensiveness; those could be considered the three pillars of a good health insurance. This is why the health insurance provided by Caser is a good choice for you. Caser Health has many advantages, the first and most important of all being that it counts with Caser Expat Insurances, insurances tailored especially for people who, like you, have come to Spain from a foreign country to settle down. Secondly, it offers a variety of policies so you can choose the best product for your needs. Another important advantage you will find that Caser Health offers is the reduced co-payments –in some products, there are no co-payments at all!

Health Insurances with Copayments

Firstly, you have the option of progressive co-payments in the Médica insurance, with which you will be able to combine your private health insurance with Social Security (Spain’s National Health Service); you can also find the progressive co-payments advantage in the Integral package, designed to be oriented to families and their every need.

Progressive co-payment in the Médica and Integral insurances means that the first 7 co-payments will be free for you, and you will only start paying co-payments if you need one of those services and only after you have used them seven times. 

Health Insurance without Copay

Other more complete insurance options are health insurance without copay, like Adapta, the insurance that is complemented with dental insurance, and Prestige, the most comprehensive insurance, which covers everything you might need. The Adapta and Prestige insurances, being the former a more flexible insurance, and the latter the most complete coverage Caser Expat Insurances offers, have no co-payments at all, so you will never have extra payments with them!

health insurance without copay is offered by Caser in Spain

But, what is a co-payment?

Co-payment means that insured persons participate in the cost of the services that are included in the majority of medical insurance policies on the market.

This involves a payment of a small amount by the insured person to make use of certain services, and that way, avoiding an increase in the generic cost of the premium for all customers who hold the same insurance, by assigning these amounts according to the individual use of each person.

Each time that you attend an appointment or undergo a test, you show your card and, depending on the insurance product you hold, they will charge your account on a monthly or quarterly basis for your part of the co-payment.

The centre or doctor will notify of your use, and the insurance company will invoice the assigned co-payment for each one of the services received. On some Caser products, the co-payment is limited to €295 so as to avoid penalising illness, and beyond this limit, the services will cost nothing further for the insured person.

You can check the co-payments of each product by comparing them in Caser’s special comparer for expat health insurances. Or discover our free guide below:

Download Free Guide:  How to choose the right Caser Health Insurance Policy


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