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1.Affordable price
Affordable Price

Complete coverage at a reduced rate with standard copayment

2. Complete coverage
Complete Coverage

Medical specialists, diagnostic tests, hospitalisation and much more

3. Up to 100e in dental treatments
Up to 100€ in Dental Treatments

A voucher of 100€ that you can spend on dental treatments of your choice

Limited Copayments

We limit copayments annually, so that you take care of your health without worrying about your wallet.

Your health insurance is now 30% off and 2 months for free!

Different medical specialties, diagnostic tests, hospitalizations, emergencies, special treatments ... It's just the beginning. Find out why Activa is the best health insurance for young adults.

See in detail all the coverages

General coverages

Family and paediatric doctor & Registered Nurse with residential service included. Includes preventative checks and child development.

Unlimited access, without long waiting lists and the need of referral from your general practitioner. Pediatrics, gynecology, dermatology, endocrinology, traumatology ... consult the wide range of medical specialties that we put at your disposal.

Access to all common means of diagnosis (clinical analysis, x-rays, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), CT, ultrasound, endoscopy, electrocardiogram, digital dematoscopy and many more) and always with the most advanced technology. Check the complete list of diagnostic tests that are included in Caser Salud

Includes all types of hospitalisation, with no limit on medical, paediatric, maternity surgical or ICU hospitalisation.

  • With no limit on hospitalisation.There is no upper limit on the hospitalisation days, except for psychiatric hospitalisation
  • Medical hospitalisation without surgical interventionDaytime hospitalisation for treatments like dialysis, for example, is included.
  • Paediatric hospitalisation.Includes conventional, incubated and neonatological hospitalisation.
  • Maternity hospitalisation.Including assistance from a midwife and obstetrician. Includes anaesthetic, epidural and a bed and incubator for the new-born.
  • Surgical hospitalisation.Includes daytime hospitalisation. For laser surgery treatments, for example.
  • Intensive Care Unit (I.C.U.) hospitalisation with a prior medical prescription.
  • Psychiatric hospitalisation.Exclusively for those previously diagnosed with acute and irreversible flare-ups. Up to 60 days per natural year.
  • Special residential care with a prior medical prescription

** Hospitalisation with an incubator, psychiatric hospitalisation and ICU hospitalisation do not include a bed for the chaperone, due to the nature of this type of hospitalisation.

Hospital emergencies in the health centres included in our medical network, if necessary, an ambulance service is available to take you to the hospital.

We give you unlimited coverage for prostheses and materials. Prostheses are extensions or components which are used to substitute part of our bodies and which help them to function correctly.

In the event of an emergency, if you're unable to travel to the health clinic, we send a GP or nurse practitioner to your home.
24 hours of medical assistance, so you can clarify all your doubts or ask for advice about paediatric and medical questions. Likewise, you could request an explanation for your reports, diagnostic tests and their preparation or about prescriptions, or any other questions.

If you are travelling outside of Spain, we guarantee your coverage for up to 90 days and up to €15,000.

Procuring a second opinion from experts with a prestigious national and international reputation, for serious illnesses like cancer, neurological and neurosurgical illnesses, chronic kidney failure, etc.
It includes 14 free basic services (check-ups, diagnostic test, extractions, dental cleaning) and a price cap agreed with our medical-dental network for all other treatments. It is not comprehensive dental insurance, but you can save a significant amount compared to a client without health insurance.

Special treatments

It included 20 individual psychological sessions per insured per year. The professional prescription from our medical team is always needed. Check out the copayments for this coverage.

Unlimited chiropody in doctor's office.

Specific or specialized treatments for various pathologies. Some special treatments: lasertherapy, logo phoniatrics, etc.

Logo phoniatrics for organic pathologies:

Extension of logo phoniatrics coverage for vocal cords organic pathologies, resulting in 20 sessions per year. It is considered organic pathology:

  1. Inflammation: oedemas
  2. Benign tumours: nodules, polyps; or malignant: cancer of the larynx (with partial or total involvement)
A diagnostic tool used for early melanoma detection.
Prior to any oncological treatment, we will carry out a study to find the most suitable treatment for you and ensure optimum effective.

It involves a minimally invasive surgical technique with better results than conventional surgery. The most outstanding advantages of this technique are a lower rate of side effects derived from surgery, faster recovery after surgery with less hospitalization time, less postoperative pain, less risk of bleeding and infection and smaller scars, among others.

A physical and educational exercise program, individualised and supervised by professionals, helps you regain strength and endurance and, as a result, functional capacity. It also helps improve your health, reduce symptoms, prevent the worsening of your disease and reduce the risk of having heart problems in the future.

Pregnancy and family planning

Where necessary, we will provide you with an infertility study, diagnosis and treatment for the couple. You are entitled to up to 3 artificial insemination attempts and 1 in vitro fertilisation attempt.

From the second pregnancy trimester we help you to prepare physically and psychologically for the moment you give birth. Including a face-to-face assistant full program guide from a midwife.

The non-invasive prenatal genetic test analyzes the fetus DNA through a maternal blood test in order to predict the risk of Down syndrome (trisomy 21), Edwards syndrome (trisomy 18) and Patau syndrome (trisomy 13). The Harmony Test is recommended for women with altered first trimester combined screening.

We provide this study for those under 16 years of age, so that you can know whether their stride is correct and if there is any relation between this and certain diseases.

After childbirth, assessment of the general condition of the mother and newborn. We will provide tips on baby care, help and advice on breastfeeding, training in pelvic floor rehabilitation, as well as clearing up queries concerning care. The age limit of the newborn to be eligible for the service is set at 28 days. The service will be provided digitally.

As a consequence of vaginal childbirth, the mother may have pelvic floor dysfunction (urinary incontinence and/or rectal anus). In postpartum recovery, possible alterations are analyzed and the required treatments for recovery are carried out, including rehabilitation for pelvic floor (physiotherapy specialty). This involves pelvic floor exercises, biofeedback, electrostimulation, global body exercises (lumbar spine flexibilization, stretching aimed at the lower train and lumbosacral region and breathing exercises), massage therapy and relaxation techniques.

Intrauterine (IUD) treatment and implantation is included in this price.

Centro Médico Caser - Telehealth

This telemedicine service allows you to a doctor from the comfort of your own home:

  • Book an appointment with a specialist and get quality health care by telephone or video call. With long business hours, you choose the day and time that suits you best to seek medical assistance.
  • Or, if you prefer, get answers to all your medical doubts with no need for an appointment by using the Online Medical Chat.

Find out more about the Centro Médico Caser. 

All check-ups through the telemedicine service, regardless of the specialty, are exempt from copayments.

Unlimited check-ups (except for psychology, with 20 sessions per year per insured party).

Selfie Health allows you to get rapid measurements of a range of health indicators. In just 30 seconds and thanks to mobile facial recognition technology you can obtain readings for the following: 

  • Heart rate, irregular heartbeat, systolic blood pressure, Diastolic blood pressure, heart rate variability, myocardial stress, respiratory rate, body mass index, waist and height index, stress index, facial skin age, risk of cardiovascular disease and general well being score.

This service comes free of charge with your health insurance, it is the perfect complement of telehealth, it allows you to track your well being daily in an easy way and if if any reading is outside of the normal range, you will be able to visit your doctor and share with them your results getting a professional opinion.

Learn more about Selfie Health

You can speak to professionals in General Medicine and a range of other specialties: Paediatrics, Dermatology, Digestive System, Endocrinology, Gynaecology, Odontology, Psychiatry, etc.
During your chekc-ups, you can also share reports with specialists and receive prescriptions for diagnostic tests or medication.

Reimbursements and Benefits

And to help reduce your expenses, with Caser Salud Activa you have several expenses included. Because we take care of your health, but also your pocket. Take out the calculator and see how to save up to 300 euros per year on insured.

Reimbursement of 50% of the total amount of pharmacy bills and children's vaccines up to a maximum of € 100 per insured person per year. More information about pharmacy costs
We give you a dental check with discounts (€ 100 in orthodontics, implants and prosthetics, or € 30 in the rest of treatments) so that you can enjoy it in the clinics of the medical staff assigned to this promotion.
We refund 50% of what you spend at your optician up to € 100 per insured for the year. More information on optical expenses.
Choosing any modality of stem cells cryopreservation by Biocord through our website: casermasbeneficios.es, we will take care of the reimbursement of the invoice up to a maximum of €600. See terms and conditions.

Co-payment and Qualifying periods

Caser Salud Integral has copayments. 

With the co-payments system, you keep the price of your insurance with a reduced amount all year round. But don't worry, we don't want theis to be a burden, so the amount in copayments is limited to 395 euros per year per insured.

> See all the copayments

> What is Co-payment? 

You can start using your insurance from the first day, and there are only waiting times for some very specific services.

> > See all the qualifying periods and signing up

Services included with Caser Salud Activa

Activa is the best health insurance for young adults: you not only have the best cover, but we also give you the following services.

The messaging APP where you can make medical consultations of different specialties, 24 hours a day.

One of the many services aimed at perfecting the development of the smallest members of your family, from the moment they are born until they are 15 years old, one of the stand-out services is the bio-mechanical walking or stride study. It consists of analysing the foot in both the static and dynamic position, as well as its relation to other structures such as the knee, the hip and the spine.

Through this study the posture is analysed and corrected, which prevents future problems and the onset of muscular and osteoarticular lesions.

What’s more, children are able to improve their stride through playing in a fun way.

Can you imagine being able to consult any medical question, at any time and regardless of the day? Well, transform your imagination into reality. Discover more about 24h care line

From home, from your mobile, from wherever you want! All the complete list.


Find the modality that best fits your needs at a glance.


Know all the details all about hiring, how to use your insurance, maternity processes ... Do not stay with the doubt!

Do you want to have all of the information within your reach?

Here you will find all of the set prices for 2022, both the cost-free treatments and the maximum prices for remaining treatments, as well as the terms & conditions and the Medical Team for each product.