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Physical therapy treatments and coverage with Caser

April 27, 2023

Many foreigners who move to Spain or choose to spend much of their time in the country often remark on how amazing the public healthcare system is in general. It is especially incredible to people from the United States who are not used to any form of universal healthcare. Despite some of the public health system’s drawbacks, it certainly is true that it is a great privilege and gift that people living in Spain can benefit from a system that takes care of its population. 

That being said, it bears mentioning that the public healthcare system only applies to people who are in the social security system and pay taxes in Spain, not those here on extended holiday or without a work permit and legal residency. Also, important to note is that there are procedures and treatments that are either only partially covered or not at all in the public system, including dental, podologists, and physical therapy. Even if your doctor in the public system refers you for physical therapy treatment, the specialty is saturated and therefore very slow to give appointments, which is why many people choose to pay out of pocket per session. If you are someone who frequently needs this type of therapy because of a chronic injury or perhaps because you are an athlete or very active person, read on for everything you need to know about physical therapy treatments and coverage with Caser Expat Insurance. 

Physical therapy treatments and coverage with Caser

Physical Therapy Treatments Costs and Coverage with Caser Expat Insurance

When you choose any health insurance plan with Caser Expat Insurance, physical therapy treatment sessions are covered in part or in full by every single insurance plan.

In both the Caser Health Inicia plan and the Caser Health Activa plan, each physical therapy treatment session has a co-pay of €5, with a maximum out of pocket expensive cap at €395. Any copays outside of that cap will be fully covered by these plans until the yearly renewal of the insurance plan. 

The Integral and Médica plans have a co-pay of €2 per physical therapy treatment session, and under these plans the first 10 copayments are covered. 

Coverage in Physical Therapy Treatment Sessions with Caser Expat Insurance

With Caser Expat Insurance, you get the peace of mind that there are no limits on the amount of sessions of physical therapy you can access until you regain the maximum range of movement possible. You also know that you can access locomotive rehabilitation through a physical therapist when necessary, again, with no limit to the amount of sessions. We’ve also recently included physical therapists into our online telemedicine services, so that when possible, you’re able to do physical therapy sessions in the comfort of your own home. 

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, with Caser Expat Insurance, there is never any waiting period to begin enjoying the benefits of your plan’s coverage.

Physical Therapy Treatments Costs in Spain

The cost of an hour of physical therapy treatment in Spain ranges between 30 and 60 euros. Depending on the injury, a physical therapist will usually recommend sessions in multiples of 5, which means that someone needing physical therapy would pay between 150 and 300 euros for five sessions (minimum) in order to have a physical therapist help them heal the sprain or injury. This cost would of course elevate if additional sessions were necessary, or if the person in question were to injure themselves again. With just these numbers alone it is plain to see how beneficial a private insurance plan could be which covers not only your physical therapy sessions, but also your day to day health care needs for a fraction of the cost of one round of physical therapy treatments.

What are the most frequently treated injuries with physical therapy treatment sessions?

According to Urgent Med Network, the most frequently treated injuries by physical therapists are:

  • Joint and muscle pain

  • Back and neck pain–the most commonly reported type of pain among adults.

  • Sports injuries

  • Headaches and neck pain

  • Post-operative rehabilitation and recovery

Through adequate physical therapy treatment sessions, many common maladies can find relief, and many people gain full recovery and range of motion back. 

A typical physical therapy session includes first an interview or questionnaire to learn more about your injury, an initial consultation and assessment, and a plan put in place using different types of massage and stretching exercises to heal the injury and regain full motion.

Physical therapy treatments and coverage with Caser

Do I need a health care plan that covers physical therapy treatments?

Studies show that the majority of people in Spain who use physical therapy treatments are active people between the ages of 25-54. Whether it be for injury from sports, hiking, or arthritis, this seems to be the population that uses it most often. Counterintuitively, this active and relatively young population may not necessarily think they need private insurance because of how infrequently they go to the doctor. However, as laid out above, one round of physical therapy treatments could run them a minimum 150-300 euros. For people in this category, the best choice is Caser’s Activa plan. 

What is the Activa health care plan and is it right for me?

This plan is the perfect plan for active, sporty people who do not frequently use the doctor, but want the option of quick access to specialists when they need them.  The Activa plan allows the client to pay a low monthly payment (starting at just 35,5 euros per month), and pay small copays for treatments, but only as they are needed. Recall that with plans that require copayments, there is a limit to the out of pocket expenses of 395 euros, and everything beyond that will be completely covered until your next insurance renewal.

If you are someone who would rather have fuller coverage and less copays, the Integral or Medical options may be a better fit for you, but it is best to speak with a Caser Expat Insurance representative to talk about all of your preferences and requirements so they’re able to advise on what plan would be the best fit for you, you can also get a personalized quotation by clicking here.

Is Physical Therapy Coverage Necessary?

Here at Caser Expat Insurance, we believe that access to any kind of treatment that will help a patient manage or heal their injuries and illnesses is necessary. Due to the extremely long wait times to be able to access a physical therapist in the public health care system, added to the incredible benefit that this type of rehabilitation can have for patients, being able to have the option of physical therapy sessions as part of your private insurance plans is highly recommended. But at the end of the day, whichever Caser Expat Insurance healthcare plan you choose as the best fit for you, you can take comfort in knowing that this type of treatment is open to you from day one.

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