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Typical Non Spanish

Emily Woerfel

Welcome to Typical Non-Spanish: for expats living in Spain

If you're an expat living in Spain or want to take the leap, Typical Non-Spanish has you covered. An informative and fun 'one-stop-shop' for tips on forging a life in Spain, covering everything from insurance and bureaucracy to culture and cuisine. With pointers from real expats, Typical Non-Spanish offers insight into life in Spain so that you can make your new country your new home.

Post By Emily Woerfel :

Insurance in Spain
 Mar 22, 2023

Caser car insurance cover for theft

Living and Working in Spain
 Feb 27, 2023

Rabies vaccination cost for dogs in Spain

Insurance in Spain
 Jan 30, 2023

Caser home insurance with dogs

Travel and Sport Car Insurance
 Dec 28, 2022

Car seat requirements in Spain

Insurance in Spain
 Dec 01, 2022

Children's dental services with Caser Expat Insura...

Food, Health and Wellness
 Oct 25, 2022

Dental kids care essentials

Living and Working in Spain
 Sep 28, 2022

How expensive is a funeral?

Living and Working in Spain
 Jul 19, 2022

TIE vs. NIE in Spain: what's the difference?

Moving to Spain
 Jun 29, 2022

Best places to study in Spain

Food, Health and Wellness
 May 17, 2022

Risk Factors for Premature Birth

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