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What is Spain's new law of animal protection and welfare?

October 26, 2023

Spain, which is a country known for its public health system and social welfare protections for its residents, has also recently taken a significant step forward in ensuring the welfare and protection of its animal residents. In recent years, there has been a growing awareness of the need to improve the treatment of animals, both domestic and wild, across the nation. This call for change led to the development and implementation of Spain's new Law of Animal Protection and Welfare. In this blog post, we will delve into the details of this ground-breaking legislation, exploring the regulations, requirements, and the vital civil responsibility coverage offered by Caser Expat Insurance.

What is Spain's new law of animal protection and welfare?

Understanding the Law of Animal Protection and Welfare

Spain's New Law of Animal Protection and Welfare, often referred to as "Ley de Bienestar Animal," was enacted in March of 2023, and came into effect quite recently on the 29th of September. It represents a pivotal shift in the country's approach to the care and treatment of animals. Prior to the implementation of this law, Spain had a somewhat fragmented set of regulations relating to animal welfare. However, the new law has brought these diverse rules under a single, comprehensive framework.

Key Objectives of Spain’s New Law of Animal Protection and Welfare

The primary objectives of this law are as follows:

  • Ensuring the Welfare of All Animals: The law seeks to guarantee the humane treatment and well-being of all animals in Spain, irrespective of their species or whether they are domestic or wild.

  • Preventing Mistreatment and Abandonment: A significant focus of the law is to put a stop to animal cruelty, abuse, and abandonment. It emphasizes the importance of responsible pet ownership.

  • Promoting Education and Awareness: The law encourages education and awareness about animal welfare among the general public, schools, and institutions.

  • Conserving Biodiversity: The legislation also aims to protect and conserve the natural habitats and biodiversity of wildlife in Spain.

  • Establishing a Legal Framework: It provides a comprehensive legal framework to address issues related to animals' living conditions, health, and protection.

Regulations and Requirements of Spain’s New Law of Animal Protection and Welfare

The Law of Animal Protection and Welfare comes with a set of stringent regulations and requirements that individuals, businesses, and institutions are expected to adhere to:

1. Licensing and Registration

Pet owners must register their animals with the local authorities and obtain the necessary licenses to ensure that the animals are properly cared for. This registration is crucial for tracking the ownership and conditions of animals. By law, all dog owners must have Third Party Civil Liability insurance in order to protect themselves and others from possible damage done by their canine. Many of Caser’s Home Insurance policies include this third-party insurance for dog owners as part of their policy. 

In addition to third party liability insurance, all dog owners are required to take a training course which has indefinite validity which educates on the responsible ownership of dogs.

2. Microchipping

One of the essential aspects of the law is the requirement for pet owners to microchip their dogs and cats. This microchipping helps in identifying and locating pets if they are lost or abandoned.

3. Proper Accommodation

All animals must be provided with suitable living conditions, including shelter, space, and environmental enrichment. The law sets out specific guidelines for the housing of various animals to ensure their comfort and well-being.

4. Health and Veterinary Care

Regular veterinary care is mandatory for all pets. The law mandates vaccinations, regular health check-ups, and access to emergency medical care when needed. If you want a greater peace of mind and the ability to take advantage of a range of services, vaccinations, and routine check-ups, you can also consider one of Caser’s more comprehensive pet insurance options, which all include the mandatory civil liability insurance. 

5. Regulations on uncontrolled breeding.

With this new law, the sterilization of cats is mandatory unless the cat is registered in the registry for cats specifically authorized for breeding. Each town’s city hall should identify cats and have them sterilized in order to control the overpopulation of cats.

5. Responsible Ownership

Pet owners are expected to provide proper nutrition, hydration, and exercise for their animals. Responsible ownership involves ensuring that pets are not subjected to cruelty, violence, or neglect. Pet owners cannot leave their animals for more than three days, and if it is a dog, no more than 24 hours alone, before it is considered neglect.

6. Restrictions on Certain Practices

The law places restrictions on practices like the mutilation of animals, such as tail docking and ear cropping, unless it is for a legitimate medical reason. Additionally, it forbids the use of animals in circuses and other entertainment shows and circuses must now have turned in all wild animals to rehabilitation centers to be in accordance with the law. Importantly, the new law does not outlaw bullfighting, which is a controversial topic in Spain.

7. Stricter Penalties

The new legislation introduces stricter penalties for those who mistreat animals, abandon them, or fail to meet the legal requirements for their care. Fines ranging from 500 to 200,000 euros, confiscation of animals, and even imprisonment of up to 36 months, (in the case of the death of an animal), can be imposed on those who violate the law. 

8. Public transportation with pets

The new law allows for easier transport of pets on public transportation as long as the owner has all of the animal’s paperwork up to date and follows all rules and regulations for the correct transportation of animals.  

9. Prohibition of Animal Sales

Spain’s new law of animal protection and welfare forbids the sale of dogs, cats, and ferrets in pet shops, and it is only legal to buy these animals from registered breeders or adopt them from local animal shelters.

10. Unjust use of euthanasia

The law outlines that it will now be illegal to euthanize an animal without a veterinary report stating that euthanasia is the only option, in addition to the animal’s physical health. Animal shelters may no longer euthanize animals due to lack of space in the facility.

Caser Expat Insurance and Civil Responsibility Coverage

The obligation for dog owners to have third party civil liability insurance is controversial for some people, but it is mandatory, nonetheless. Caser Expat Insurance, a renowned insurance provider in Spain, offers essential civil responsibility coverage that aligns perfectly with the objectives and regulations of the Law of Animal Protection and Welfare. This coverage is designed to protect individuals from the financial consequences of unintentional harm or damage caused by their pets. An option many dog owners opt for is one of Caser’s home insurance policies which also include the third party civil liability insurance for dogs, or a pet insurance policy which comprehensively covers the dog’s health care as well. 

What is Spain's new law of animal protection and welfare?

What Does Civil Responsibility Coverage Include?

Protection Against Legal Claims: In the event that your pet causes harm or damage to another person or their property, Caser Expat Insurance provides protection against potential legal claims.

Financial Safeguard: The coverage ensures that you won't be financially burdened by legal fees, medical bills, or compensation claims that may arise from an incident involving your pet.

Peace of Mind: Having civil responsibility coverage means you can enjoy the companionship of your pets without constant worry about unforeseen incidents.

Coverage for All Pet Owners: This coverage is suitable for all pet owners, including those who own dogs, cats, or other animals covered by the law.

Why It Matters

Given the strict regulations and requirements set forth in Spain’s new Law of Animal Protection and Welfare, having civil responsibility coverage from Caser Expat Insurance is more important than ever. It serves as a safety net, ensuring that pet owners can fulfil their legal obligations and provide for their pets without the fear of potential financial repercussions. This coverage aligns with the spirit of the new law, promoting responsible pet ownership and animal welfare. If you’re interested in learning more about Caser’s options visit our website. You can also get your personalized quotation for your insurance by clicking here.


Spain's new Law of Animal Protection and Welfare is a significant step forward in ensuring the well-being of animals across the nation. By establishing strict regulations and requirements for pet owners and promoting responsible ownership, the law emphasizes the importance of treating animals with kindness and care. In this context, Caser Expat Insurance's civil responsibility coverage for pet owners plays a crucial role in providing financial protection and peace of mind. Together, these measures are not only legal requirements but also a reflection of Spain's commitment to animal welfare and protection.

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