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What's the health survey for private medical insurance in Spain?

October 5, 2023

Spain has one of the best public health systems, but it is not perfect: it does not cover all possible health problems or accidents in the most optimal way, and has major handicaps such as waiting times to be treated. Although if you are reading this article, you probably already know this and are therefore interested in going one step further and taking out private health insurance in Spain. But, have you heard of the health survey? You should know that it is the first step in the process of taking out a policy and that the information provided is of vital importance to the insurance company.

What's the health survey for private medical insurance in Spain?

What is the health survey for private health insurance in Spain?

This questionnaire is made up of a series of questions geared towards your health up to that current point in time, and is what allows the insurer to determine your scope of cover and any exclusions that may apply. All health insurance companies in Spain will require you to complete this type of survey, without exception, and if you want to add more people to your policy, they will also need to complete their own separate survey. In the case of minors, the health survey must be completed by a parent or legal guardian.

What is the purpose of the health survey for private medical insurance in Spain?

It should be noted that the purpose of these questions to determine the coverage and cost of health insurance is not limited to finding out your current health condition or past illnesses, but also to find out how often you visit your GP or the surgical procedures you may possibly undergo in the future. That is to say, they try to estimate in some way and in an approximate manner, the expenses that the company will have to face when it has to deal with certain pathologies that may occur in the future, or already occur in the present, of the insured persons. These questions, which will be intimate and private as far as health is concerned, should never cross the personal barrier, that is to say, questions referring to political ideologies, sexual orientation, etc. are out of place.

On the other hand, it is extremely important to bear in mind that the health survey has the character of a legal document, as it is a declaration signed by the insured person as a previous step to formalising a policy and after which a contract will be signed. Therefore, it is necessary to answer all the questions sincerely, honestly and concretely, as any false information provided may be used by the insurance company to deny the contracted service, or even the contract itself.

Would you like to know these questions? You should know that there is no fixed model for the health survey, as it varies according to the insurer, the type of policy you wish to take out and the scope of cover offered; therefore, it is difficult to provide a definitive list of the questions asked for health insurance. What we can tell you with certainty is that at Caser Expat Insurance, we respect the limits of what we should and should not ask you and we will not waste your time. Our medical survey is straightforward and simple to carry out, as well as respectful.

The Caser Private Health Insurance Health Survey consists of the following:

1. Personal Details Section: Here we only ask you for the basics: your full name and surname, ID number, age, number of children, current weight and height, as well as a contact telephone number.

2. Yes or no questions: The next section contains a list of questions from the health survey, which you should answer simply with a 'yes' or 'no', as appropriate. In this section we will ask you information such as:

  • If you are currently suffering from any illness.

  • If you have any injuries, sequelae of any disease, congenital disorders or if you have been involved in any accident.

  • If you have undergone surgery or have been admitted to a hospital, clinic or medical centre in the last 5 years.

  • If you have recently been prescribed or recommended any medical or surgical treatment.

  • If you are taking any medication.

  • If you have any of the following conditions: diabetes, high blood pressure, rheumatism, arrhythmia or chest pains, or coronary artery disease.

3. Additional explanation: If you have answered 'yes' to any of the above questions in the health survey, you will be asked to provide more detailed information about your current state of illness, etc.

At the end of the health survey you will also be asked to read the terms and conditions of the data protection declaration and policy, and to sign and date the form. Don't forget that each policyholder, including minors, will be asked to complete a separate medical questionnaire.

What's the health survey for private medical insurance in Spain?

Find the right private medical insurance in Spain for you

Do you want to know why Caser Expat Insurance health insurance is perfect for you? Because each one is tailor-made for each of our clients. At Caser we only want to give you the best and that's why we offer you an insurance plan that covers all your needs and gives you access to one of the most extensive and prestigious medical lists.

As we have said before, your insurance will adapt to you, because it will include what you want it to include and you will only pay for what you want and what interests you. You will be able to choose services such as whether or not to include hospitalisation, the method of payment, etc.

So... Are you already convinced to take out health insurance from Caser Expat Insurance? That's a good decision. Are you a person who worries a lot about money? Whether you are or not, it is true that money is very important and we all like to know how much something is going to cost us, especially if it is not going to be a one-off payment. Do you already know what services you would like to include in your policy? If you're already more or less clear about everything, we offer you to calculate the price of your insurance with our health insurance calculator

And of course, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us. We'll do our best to answer them and help you through the process.

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