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Covid-19 Prevention and Coverage with Caser Health Insurance

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Caser has joined the fight against Covid-19, working alongside health authorities to combat and bring the pandemic to a halt. In terms of detection tests, our health insurance policies offer a free blood test to all new insured parties, and a PCR or blood test at a special price to existing insured parties through Caser Más Beneficios.

In efforts to ensure we are all aligned in terms of protecting ourselves as well as those around us, the World Health Organisation and the Spanish Ministry of Health have released a series of recommendations to follow as the most reliable mechanism for Covid-19 prevention

Covid-19 prevention measures

1. As a general rule of thumb, we should make every effort to avoid rubbing our eyes, nose or mouth with our hands, especially if they have not been properly cleaned.
2. Along these lines, we should continuously make sure our hands are clean, washing them often with soap and water or with an alcohol-based antibacterial gel.

3. As an additional preventive measure, maintain a safety distance of around one metre with anyone around you who coughs or sneezes in order to avoid possible exposure.

4. Likewise, don’t forget to cover your mouth and nose if you have to cough or sneeze in order to reduce the risk of spreading the virus or bacteria to other people.

5. If you feel unwell, seek medical assistance and, where possible, try to remain at home until you feel better.

6. On a final note, we should stay updated on and comply with all health recommendations, advice and instructions from the official bodies and organisations announced through the media.

For further information on Covid-19 prevention and best practices, visit the official websites of the WHO and the Spanish Ministry of Health

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This ongoing global pandemic is difficult to manage in terms of healthcare provision. The number of infections is growing exponentially, meaning that health centres are often overwhelmed by the large number of people in need of treatment. What’s more, coronavirus symptoms generally require the patient to be hospitalised, which has the potential to cripple the system. This scenario has meant that in some phases of the pandemic, health centres had to postpone any tests or medical treatment that were not urgent or related to COVID-19.

In this respect, your Caser Health Insurance can provide some form of relief:

hand sanitizer is a covid-19 prevention measure

Caser Health Insurance & Covid-19

You can continue to quickly access other tests and treatments. Undergoing a diagnostic test on time, for example in oncology, is crucial in order to identify and treat the disease with scope for a successful outcome.

In the midst of the pandemic, we should try to avoid travel or visiting medical centres. With Caser Health Insurance, you can receive on-the-spot assistance for any health-related query with no need to leave the house, thanks to our free and limitless Telemedicine service included in all our health insurance policies. The platform offers advice and assistance in general medicine and another 16 medical specialities via chat, phone or video call.

take your temperature often as a covid-19 prevention measure

You can take advantage of the Telemedicine service if you hold any of our Health Insurance policies. All you need to do is access the Caser Medical Network:

  • Either through the Caser Salud App: logging in with your DNI or national ID document and password, and clicking on the “CentroMédicoCaser” section.
  • Or through the Customer Area, selecting “Mis productos” and then clicking on the “CentroMédicoCaser” section.

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