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Benefits of virtual healthcare

April 5, 2023

The impact of the internet and the development of new technologies on our daily lives is becoming increasingly evident. If at first, we spoke of the improvement in our communications, and then of the speed in organising and resolving specific issues (booking a trip, analysing different options before making a purchase, taking an online course), today we are also talking about the benefits of virtual healthcare.

While before the pandemic, virtual healthcare seemed like science fiction, or a luxury only available to a few, since 2020 it has been gradually becoming part of our lives and gaining followers around the world. If you are still not convinced of its effectiveness, or you think it is something far removed from your reality, keep reading this article. Today I will talk about 6 benefits of virtual healthcare that will help you understand how this new healthcare system works.

Benefits of virtual healthcare

What do we call telemedicine or virtual healthcare?

When we talk about this subject, we usually think of a video consultation in which the patient can ask his or her doctor a few questions, clear up a few doubts if we are lucky, and not much more. But the truth is that telemedicine goes far beyond a mere videoconference. 

Virtual healthcare is now able to offer medical services through different virtual supports. In this regard, in addition to videoconferences, we also find chat, instant messaging and mobile applications, e-mails, and of course, traditional telephone calls. All these channels facilitate the contact between doctor and patient and, in most cases, they accelerate the treatment and allow a more thorough follow-up of it. But this is only the beginning.

6 benefits of virtual healthcare

1: Carrying out medical tests remotely. This is possible through different devices which are placed on the patient's body. Those devices can send data directly to the medical professional, so that the data can be analysed in real time. This could be the case of an electrocardiogram, the measurement of certain blood values, or the monitoring of vital signs. 

An example of this is the Selfie Health application, which allows you to get rapid measurements of a range of health indicators, in just 30 seconds, thanks to mobile facial recognition technology. This application is integrated into all of the Caser Expat Insurance policies, you can see more information about it by clicking here: Selfie Health

2: An increasingly sustainable and universal healthcare system. The development of this type of applications will avoid unnecessary visits to the doctor, as various concerns can be resolved through a quick consultation. This would avoid unnecessary trips and it will save time for doctors and patients alike. On the other hand, these same applications could encourage the patient to visit her doctor if necessary, as soon as possible and thus deal with a potential problem that may become more serious in the future.

3: Avoiding overcrowded emergency rooms and waiting times. A patient who is well informed through a video consultation, for example, will not need to go to the hospital.  Nor will they have to spend time in a waiting room to receive, on many occasions, a diagnosis that they could have received by answering a few simple questions.

For instance, thanks to the telemedicine service of Caser's Health insurance, Centro Médico Caser you can get answers to all your medical doubts with no need for an appointment by using the Online Medical Chat.

4: Virtualisation of the hospital system. Another of the advantages of virtual healthcare is the increase in remote surgeries. The development of technologies at the service of healthcare professionals allows patients to access various surgeries and treatments remotely. It is no longer necessary for patient and surgeon to be in the same place. 

Although this is not the best known and most widespread feature of virtual medicine, it is also here to stay. Some even dare to predict a near future in which doctors and healthcare professionals will be more in contact with technology than with the patients themselves.

5: It favours the improvement of mental health. Evidently, a virtual healthcare system could be very convenient for patients with physical limitations or for chronic patients. But we must not forget the advantages for those people who, without physical difficulties, need psychological or psychiatric care. 

Nowadays, and even more so since the crisis caused by the pandemic [Ocho datos sobre la salud mental en España (rtve.es)], virtual therapies are designed to support patients who have problems such as anxiety, depression, stress, etc. These patients no longer must leave home and travel to have a consultation with a specialist, but instead they have direct access to an expert via videoconferencing, from the comfort of their own home. This is even more important for those accessing a first consultation, as they can access it without leaving what they consider to be a safe environment.

6: Streamlining for the prescription of drugs and/or sending and receiving examinations. Another advantage of telemedicine is that it streamlines the entire administrative system. Doctors can now write prescriptions online, avoiding the need for the patient to travel. The same goes for the results of tests that patients take. By having the results online, both patients and doctors could access these tests and discuss them virtually. In this way, telemedicine once again functions as the perfect complement to face-to-face consultations.

Benefits of virtual healthcare

Caser Medical Centre, telemedicine at your fingertips

As we have mentioned before, the benefits of virtual healthcare are here to stay, and they are available in your healthcare insurance. If you want to know more about these advantages and coverage, you can click here: Centro Médico Caser - Telehealth, and learn more about the services of Centro Médico Caser. These advantages include 24-hour online medical and paediatric assistance, consultations with specialists and check-ups free of co-payments. 

If you still have any queries about virtual healthcare, you can send us your questions and we will be happy to help you. As you can see in this article, the healthcare system is undergoing a revolution that you too will want to take part in. I invite you to explore the possibilities of this new era in healthcare services and to take advantage of it. See you next time!

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