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Selfie Health - Health Insurance

Check your health and wellbeing in just 30 seconds.

Measure more than 10 key health indicators using mobile facial recognition.

Fast, daily, and easy self-check-up

With your mobile in just 30 seconds

Includes log of previous readings

Share the results with your doctor


What is Selfie Health?

Selfie Health is an exclusive digital service that allows you to get rapid measurements of a range of health indicators. In just 30 seconds, and thanks to mobile facial recognition technology, you can obtain readings for the following:

Heart rate

Irregular heartbeat

Systolic blood pressure

Diastolic blood pressure

Heart rate variability

Myocardial stress

Respiratory rate

Body mass index

Waist and height index

Stress index

Facial skin age

Risk of cardiovascular disease

General well being score

And best of all, you can always check your previous measurements, allowing you to keep track of your well being. Basically, if any reading is outside of the normal range, you will be recommended to visit your doctor or seek telehealth advice through Centro Médico Caser, where you can share your results and get a professional opinion.

*Selfie Health does not provide a diagnosis or clinical judgement of a medical professional. It is intended to raise awareness of general well being.



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How can I use Selfie Health?


Download the “Caser Salud” app

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And log in with your DNI/NIE and your password for the Customer Area.



Centro Médico Caser – Telehealth

Once you’ve logged in to the app, tap the Centro Médico Caser Telemedicina option.



Select “Selfie Health”

From the list of features of the Centro Médico Caser Telemedicine, tap Selfie Health and start enjoying the service.


Want to learn more about this service?


Selfie Health can be used by both current and new policyholders of Caser Salud, regardless of the type of insurance you’ve taken out. The service is included in the policy at no additional cost. Plus, you will be able to use it from day one, with no applicable waiting periods.

You can take two measurements per day and monitor the different indicators.

The service is not recommended for children under the age of 13.

Selfie Health is only compatible on smartphones running the iOS 12.4 or Android 7.1 operating systems or above.

The different health indicators can be measured thanks to artificial intelligence and new technology that is capable of detecting cutaneous blood flow. This technology is, of course, harmless and has no contraindications to your health.