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6 Ideas to create a wellness routine

Food, Health and Wellness Fleur van de Put

Most of us don’t make enough time to take care of ourselves. From the moment we get out of bed, busy life kicks in. We need to take care of others and make sure we are on time at our job or for a social meeting. Your wellbeing can benefit a lot when you create your own daily wellness routine. What works for you, will not work for someone else, but taking time for yourself in the morning will do you good.

These 6 ideas for a wellness routine will help you to develop your own personalized routine


  • When you wake up you should drink a glass of water. Better even to drink two glasses of water and put some lemon juice in your water. It is best to squeeze one fresh lemon in a glass of water. Lemon water helps your digestive system activate in the morning. It also hydrates and gives you an amount of vitamin C. Besides that, it stimulates weight loss, and it is good for your skin.

  • Take the time to measure your weight. Most modern scales can also give the percentage of fat, water, bones, and your heartbeat. This tells you more about your wellbeing and by measuring this every day at the same time, you get a pretty good idea about your health. Some scales send the data directly to a health app on your phone. If you want more insight of your health, you can buy a digital thermometer to measure your daily temperature. Or you can use a blood pressure monitor or a smart watch to track your health 24/7.

    exercise for wellness routine

  • Just do some meditation in the morning. Take a few minutes for yourself. Let your mind become one with your body. Make sure you don’t start to worry about the daily problems but keep it small and within yourself. The meditation session can take just a few minutes to be effective. As long as you take it seriously.

  • An easy exercise is simple to fit in your morning routine. Don’t ask to much of yourself. It is just to get your blood flowing and your muscles loose. It can be a 7-minute workout, a walk with the dog or a yoga routine.

  • A cold shower can do wonders for your wellbeing. It increases circulation, it makes your hair and your skin glow, it will calm irritating skin and most important of all it will wake you up in the morning.

  • Eat your favorite breakfast! This will also be different for everybody. Some prefer yoghurt with fruit and others need coffee and toast with olive oil and tomato. Listen to your own body because it will tell you what is best for you. If you need some additional vitamins, you can take a vitamin supplement with your breakfast (vitamin supplements do not replace breakfast).

    breakfast for wellness routine

I hope this gives you a base to design your own wellness routine. Everyone is different and you need to find out what works best for you. Keep in mind that taking care of yourself will do you good.


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