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5 Tips for Staying Healthy With a Busy Lifestyle

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Summer is fast approaching and for many the rush to get “beach ready” is on. It’s not just about achieving a dream body, however - staying fit and healthy with regular physical activity is a must. The World Health Organization recommends at least 1 hour of physical activity or exercise a day, and the truth is, when we manage to do this, we soon start to enjoy the benefits. That said, keeping active and staying fit while maintaining our busy lifestyle, at times, seems virtually impossible and a distant dream. Well, don’t fret! This doesn’t always involve hitting your local gym. There are ways we can sneak in a workout during our usual daily routine. Just follow these simple tips.

1. Make it a point to walk everywhere

Spain is known for its excellent public transportation system. So instead of taking the car, walk to the nearest metro or bus station and enjoy the ride. Plus, it's a wonderful way to people watch and engage with Spanish society.

Walk to work, back home, to the supermarket…and if your shopping is too much to carry, most stores in Spain offer free delivery. Remember, walking is easy and free. It strengthens your heart, gives you energy, tones your body and boosts your vitamin D levels....Check out this article, if you'd like to find out about all the benefits that walking provides.

2. Got a busy lifestyle? No worries...Exercise at work

At work, try strengthening your core by sitting on a stability ball. You can also keep some dumbbells at the desk. Between phone calls, emails or before lunch, you can sneak in some curls, presses or crunches.

Instead of taking the elevator, climb the stairs at work and home. You can slowly increase your speed and the number of stairs you take in. Remember, staying fit is not about quantity. Quality is what counts.

exercise at work with a busy lifestyle

3. Choose to bike instead of driving

Cycle there. Most Spanish cities, including Valencia and Seville, now have cycle lanes and their very own public bicycle rentals, especially designed for residents. If you live in Barcelona, join Bicing. If you live in Madrid, check out BiciMad. Plus, remember that cycling is not only healthy; it's a wonderful way to explore the city while staying in shape.

4. Eat healthy

Like we suggested in our post: "Healthy Spanish Dishes", there are excellent dishes that will keep you refreshed and healthy all summer long, all the while keeping the extra calories off. Don’t forget, Spain is the birthplace of the famous Mediterranean Diet, recommended by nutritionists and experts worldwide. Take advantage of the delicious local produce and make healthy food to enjoy at home or take to work.

If you struggle to think of healthy recipes or lack time because of your busy schedule, check out Nootric - the comprehensive app that helps you create healthy habits. It offers recipes, exercise, AND expert advice from nutritionists. Plus, with all new health insurance policies taken out, you get a free personalised nutrition plan up until 31/12/2021. To be eligible for this service, you must request it by clicking this link. It’s valid for every insured party of legal age included in the policy."

eat healthy to stay fit in your busy lifestyle

5. Fill your free time with exercise

Waiting in line is one activity you´ll be doing a lot of while living in Spain. So, why not take advantage of these otherwise dull moments to stretch out, touch your toes, clench your buttocks, or raise yourself onto your tiptoes to strengthen your calves. If you'd like to learn more about other relatively discrete exercises you can do while you wait, check out this article.

Remember, workouts don’t need to be formal to be effective. So, make it a point to play. Whether it´s at the park with the dog or kids, or while discovering a new part of town, make it fun by integrating play into your free time.

We hope you enjoyed our free, simple, and easy ways to stay in shape while juggling a busy lifestyle.

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