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Let’s face it, adulthood, especially within a professional scope, can be tough and often sees us struggle trying to keep it together. We may find ourselves in a job where we don’t feel valued or where our ideas are not given the time of day. A lot of people have discovered that going solo and becoming your own boss and business owner has done wonders for their overall state of well-being and self-esteem.

Let’s take Barcelona, for example, the multicultural capital of Catalonia and hub of opportunity: a lot of foreigners living in the city have the typical profile of educated immigrants from first world countries, and naturally go down the entrepreneurial route in pursuit of happiness and professional freedom

If you live and work in the Catalonian capital and you are about to embark on your every own entrepreneurial adventure and kickstart your own business, check out the following places where entrepreneurs in Barcelona can lend each other a hand to generate business and become successful.

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Networking and Advice for Entrepreneurs in Barcelona

There are a lot of places and events where you can network as an entrepreneur in Barcelona, whether to learn from others who have been working in the city for a longer time or in order to find potential new clients. Check them out: 

  • CINC - Centro Internacional de Negocios Cataluña. CINC offers a range of services for start-up companies like: fiscal-, legal- and administrative advice. You can rent out professional spaces, attend workshops and training, and much more.
  • GENCAT - Generalitat de Catalunya. The Catalan government will try to answer all your questions regarding starting your own business in Spain.
  • ACCIO - Here they try to give you as much information as well, but they focus a lot on the internationalisation of Spanish businesses.
  • Barcelona Activa - Their goal is to build Barcelona into an "international benchmark city for working, starting up and living with environmental and social values", with coworking spaces and help for fostering employment. 
  • Internations - InterNations helps expats to feel at home abroad, meet people and find information about their new environment: “Make life easier for expats!”
  • Biz Barcelona - The various networking activities available ensure that those attending can link up, establish new contacts, promote themselves or find new business opportunities.
  • The Business Lunch Barcelona - The aim is to bring together the English-speaking Barcelona and Madrid-based business community and it is an opportunity for you to network and promote your business with like-minded professionals in a relaxed environment.
  • Admirals Business Club - They aim to bring professionals, entrepreneurs and bigger companies together in the villages in the south of Barcelona. 

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There are many more places you can go to if you’re an entrepreneur in Barcelona and looking to get your business off the ground. You can check out networking breakfasts, lunches, dinners and after dinners.  There are also many virtual places to network and source inspiration, including Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.

If you're looking to start a business in Spain, check out this quick guide. If, on the other hand, you are thinking about becoming a freelancer, or autónomo, discover the pros and cons in this post. Finally, you'll definitely need health coverage for yourself while starting a business. Learn about Caser's health insurance for self-employed people in the guide below:

Download Free Guide:  Health Coverages for Freelancers in Spain

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