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Moto-Sharing and Motorbike Insurance Companies in Spain

July 13, 2023

Buying a motorcycle, motorbike, Vespa-style scooter, or even a small electric scooter can come at a high cost and is an important decision. The fact is, motorcycles are fun, but they can be a big change from driving a car or not owning a vehicle at all. Luckily, in this day and age, everything is “try before you buy”, and that includes motorcycles and scooters. With so many moto-sharing services in Spain at our disposal, you can get all the experience you need before you commit to buying your own sweet ride. In this post, I will detail the best scooter companies in Spain. 

Motorcycles & Large Scooters - “Motos”

eCooltra and Muving are the most popular and widespread moto-sharing companies in Spain, with electric scooters at great rates. Motorcycles can be a great way to easily traverse cities and towns, quickly arriving at hard-to-reach spots. In Madrid, for example, e-scooters are eco-friendly so they avoid restrictions like the low-emission zone Madrid Central. Furthermore, most of these companies know that motorcycle insurance is important, and offer it to their riders by including it in the fees. Caser Expat Insurance is one of the top motorbike insurance companies you can find!  

eCooltra - Active in the Southern European and Brazilian markets, eCooltra is one of the most popular choices for electric motorbikes. They have the largest fleet of all the moto companies, numbering at over 4,500 bikes. They offer short and long-term rentals (rent by minutes, days or months), scooter-sharing for companies, and more. You’ll find different models in different cities, but their bikes are normally white with a blue and lime-green logo. 

Cabify - In Spain, Cabify is already a well-known taxi provider and it's also a good option for motorcycle rental due to their collaboration with the brand Movo. They feature traditional scooters as well as small electric scooters. Look out for their playful red and blue geometric pattern on the streets! Rent via the Cabify app. 



Yego - Looking for a motorbike rental in Barcelona, Valencia, Seville or Malaga? Look no further than Yego scooters. It has to be said: these scooters definitely have the coolest look, with their antique, old Hollywood style and calming pale green color. They are also available for rent in parts of France. 

Acciona - This is a Madrid moto-sharing club that lets you book over 1,000 electric motorcycles 15 minutes in advance of use and depending on your location. You can purchase different types of passes based on how many minutes you plan on using the moto, prices ranging from 15 cents to 42 cents per minute. 

Small Electric Scooters - “Patinetes”

The legislation around this type of scooter is still unclear, but they’ve already invaded cities worldwide and Spain is no different. I constantly see these little scooters parked on sidewalks and scattered throughout the streets and parks of Madrid. For reasons including safety, some Spanish cities have chosen to ban this type of scooter until better rules can be implemented - but it seems unlikely that they will ever disappear from Spain completely. 

Like motorcycles, they’re extremely convenient and cost-effective. Plus, they’re super fun! I can zip across Retiro park in an instant on one these “patinetes” and have fun while doing so. 

Lime - You’ve definitely seen these around; they’re the bright green scooters that were the first to take over the world. In Spain, Lime is active in Madrid, Seville, and Cadiz. You can also book Lime scooters through the Uber app. 


Voi - Voi’s red-orange colored scooters have hit the streets of Seville and Málaga in Spain. They are also available in countries including France, Portugal, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland. And they also offer e-bikes for those who want to pedal their way to fun. 

Bird - One of the most popular choices in the United States besides Lime, Bird operates only in Madrid and Malaga so far. Very sleek in style, they are silver or black with the blue BIRD logo

Caser: One of the best motorbike insurance companies in Spain

If you finally decide to buy a motorcycle or scooter in Spain, you need to make sure you have the proper insurance. Caser has excellent motorcycle insurance plans for expats! This motorbike insurance company is well-known and reputable across all insurance categories, and they specialize in expats like you! They even speak your language (English, German, Dutch, French, and more), so you have no trouble obtaining information, making a purchase, and resolving doubts. Take a look below at the types of moto insurance policies offered by Caser:

  • Motorbike Third Party Insurance: This is the minimum third-party insurance you are required to have, but that goes beyond just Civil Liability coverage. It's also the most budget friendly.
  • Third Party Motorcycle Insurance with Theft: This adds on to the third-party coverage by insuring your moto for theft. You will receive compensation for the total loss of your motorbike, as well as for the tires and battery in the event of theft. Unfortunately, car and motorcycle robbery is sometimes a problem in Spain, and you don't want to be left without your vehicle in this terrible circumstance. 
  • Full Coverage Motorcycle Insurance: This is complete moto coverage, including not only the basic coverages (Third-Party Liability, Medical Assistance, Theft, etc.), but excess coverage for any damage caused to your motorbike. It's the best price for total peace of mind. 

The simple truth is that motorbikes can be dangerous and you need to make sure you and your moto are both protected. (I'd recommend getting health insurance, as well, in case you happen to get into a motorcycle accident). So what are you waiting for? Go out and start riding! Get some practice before buying your own motorbike in Spain. Before you know it you’ll be hitting the road on your very own motorcycle, insurance and all. The main questions still remain - what brand of “moto” will you choose (Harley, Ducati, Yamaha, Vespa), and of course, what color?

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