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Smart alert

We pinpoint your location and send an ambulance your way in the event of an accident

Unlimited medical assistance

At one of our 1,500 associated clinics

Free choice of garage

With no need to switch

Fire cover

With damage repair or compensation for total loss

  • What does Caser's Motorbike Third Party Insurance cover?

    Our motorbike third-party insurance goes beyond Civil Liability, offering the most in-demand coverage among bikers to assist you, your passenger and your motorbike when you need it the most. Plus, you can complement your insurance with additional cover. All this, without breaking the bank.

Basic coverage

Because in the event of an accident, every minute counts. With the ReMoto roadside assistance, in the event of an accident, we receive an alert, pinpoint your location and call you. If you don’t pick up, we send emergency services your way. Exclusive coverage with Caser.

Find out how the smart alert can save your life.

Any worthwhile motorbike insurance needs comprehensive third-party liability coverage. In this regard, Caser has you covered. Because no matter what happens or wherever you are, whether on the motorway or in the city, it’s important to make sure you’re covered against any damage caused to a third party.

  • Compulsory Third-Party Liability (CTPL)

We guarantee compensation for third-party material damage or personal injury caused by a driving-related accident or incident for which you or anyone insured on the policy are liable.

 Coverage offered up to the limits established by current legislation, at the time of the accident. 

  • Voluntary Third-Party Liability (VTPL)

We cover any compensation that exceeds the limits of Compulsory Third-Party Liability established by current legislation. We cover the driver’s obligation to pay compensation for damage caused to third parties in the following cases: In an accident in which your motorcycle is liable.

When your motorcycle is stopped or parked, even in the event of a fire or explosion inside or outside a garage.

When the baggage aboard the motorcycle falls onto a public road.

For further information, consult the Ley de Responsabilidad Civil y seguro en la circulación de vehículos a motor [Law on Civil Liability and Insurance in the Use of Motorised Vehicles]. RD 8/2004

We are your voice in all legal matters. We file claims on your behalf regardless of the situation and guide and assist you throughout the process. In short, at Caser Moto we offer you all the support you need. We are always there.

  • Third-party claims

Personal injury or damage to your motorbike or belongings caused by third parties.

You are always vulnerable to accidents when riding a motorbike. This is why we help you file claims for any damage caused by poor road conditions.

Advance payment of compensation for damage caused to your motorcycle. (provided that prior written agreement of the liable insurer is obtained, or when said insurer has been legally ordered to settle the compensation).

  • Legal Guidance

Over-the-phone legal guidance service for queries regarding formalities, fines, MOT, taxes, claims, etc.

On top of this, we also offer guidance on personal and family-related matters: consumer affairs, housing, criminal matters, job-related issues or, even, tax returns. Being by your side means assisting you with whatever you need at all times.

  • Legal defence for accident claims not involving your motorbike

At Caser Moto, we’ve got it all covered. This is why we also claim for any damage you incur as a pedestrian or cyclist (not affiliated with any cycling group) during any traffic accident. This coverage is valid for the policyholder, the owner of the motorcycle and the driver declared in the policy. Because your road safety is essential not only when riding your bike but also in your day-to-day life.

We file unlimited appeals against your traffic fines. If you lose all of the points on your licence, we’ll help you get them back.

 This coverage offers our bikers a specialist service to appeal against administrative fines with the guidance of a professional, because we’re always there to offer the best solution whenever you need us. We file the necessary appeals with the Administration to challenge any fines you disagree with.

The driver and passenger’s bodies are on the line in the event of an accident, and they’re fully aware of this. At Caser, we get it, which is why we are one of the few companies that offers a medical assistance package for both the driver and the passenger.

We are also aware of the importance of quality medical care that puts your mind at ease when you take your motorbike for a spin:

Unlimited medical assistance with Caser’s network of clinics with €6,000 to help with expenses incurred in other centres.

Transport and repatriation of injured passengers.

We know that the passenger means a lot to you, so, in the event of an accident, we cover up to €50,000,000 in medical expenses for your passenger.

We know that you don’t like leaving your motorbike in just anyone’s hands, which is why we allow you to take it to your trusted garage.

With this accident insurance coverage, your beneficiaries (family members) are guaranteed compensation in the following cases:

Death caused by a traffic accident.

 Permanent disability (preventing the driver from returning to work) caused by a traffic accident. If you have children under the age of 18 or any of full age with a disability, compensation will be double the sum insured.

At Caser Moto, we take care of any damage to your motorbike caused by a fire (including explosion and lightning), whether it was parked or on the road.

In the event of total loss, we offer compensation for 100% of the fair market value of the motorbike, i.e., the value prior to the accident. If your motorbike is less than 1 year old (from the date of the first registration), you will receive 100% of the purchase price.

Optional Coverage

We offer a replacement motorbike: For up to 10 calendar days for damage caused by a crash. For up to 15 calendar days in the event of total loss caused by a crash Up to 30 days in the event of theft.

Your motorbike is much more than a mode of transport. When you lose your license, you lose your freedom. At Caser, we offer this optional coverage to help you recover your license, offering you a loan of €360 a month up to a maximum of 12 months, provided it is stipulated in the General Terms and Conditions.

Or, if you prefer, take out our Loss of Licence coverage.

We provide compensation for damage to your helmet and clothing caused by an accident. Up to €1,500/year, with the following maximum compensation limits:

  • Helmet €800
  • Boots €150
  • Gloves €100
  • Jacket €150
  • Trousers €100
  • Overalls €200

If you suffer an accident and your motorbike is rendered unfit for the road, we will do everything possible to send a tow truck specifically for motorbikes your way. After all, that’s why you have taken out a motorbike insurance.

* Motorbike tow truck subject to availability.

Caser Moto offers comprehensive Travel Assistance. Whether you drive in the city or spin around the country roads, you will never be left stranded with Caser Moto. All services and coverage available from Km. 0 and 24/7. We’ve got you covered as soon as you hop on your motorbike.

Breakdowns and flat tyres

  • If you are left stranded as a result of a breakdown or flat tyre, we will send a tow truck your way to resolve your problem in situ so that your trip can continue as usual.
  • If an in-situ repair is not possible, we will take your motorbike to a garage of your choice, restriction-free, so long as it is in Spain.
  • And if, for whichever reason, your motorbike is rendered unfit for the road, we will cover accommodation costs (hotel and breakfast) for you and your passenger. We also cover transport to your home as well as the return trip to pick up your motorbike as soon as it is repaired.
  • Fuel shortage assistance: if you run out of petrol, we will bring some to you wherever you are (cost of petrol not included) or we will send a tow truck.
  • We cover the cost to rescue your motorbike (up to €350) if it becomes stuck in a ditch or falls down an embankment.

Exclusive assistance abroad

  • If you encounter a problem abroad, our Travel Assistance can help.
  • In the event of a breakdown or flat tyre, we will take your motorbike to the nearest garage.
  • If they don’t have the parts to repair your motorbike, we will deliver them and cover the cost up front. You will have one month to pay back the cost of the delivered parts.
  • If your motorbike cannot be repaired, don’t worry, we will cover the cost required to take it back home.

What’s more...

  • We will provide an advance payment of €1,000 to cover unforeseen circumstances abroad, and you can pay us back when you get home.
  • If necessary, we offer legal assistance and a loan to cover the cost of bail and lawyer’s fees, with the limits set out in the General Terms and Conditions.

Lost or stolen keys

If you lose or have the keys to your motorbike stolen and have a spare set at home, we will make sure they are sent to you free of charge.

If you forget something important

When you take out Caser Moto, we take care of sending your important documentation, or even glasses or medication, if you can’t find them at your destination.

If you have your motorbike stolen

If your motorbike is stolen, we cover the costs for accommodation and transport so that you and your passenger can return home safely.

Find out the price of your Third Party Motorcycle Insurance

Or request personalised telephone support

A Motorbike Third-Party Insurance that saves lives

How many hours do you rack up exploring the outdoors with your motorbike? Do you enjoy the journey more than the destination? As a biker, we bet you love nothing more than the unbeatable feeling of freedom spinning around the roads on your motorbike, and although you take safety measures to avoid falling off, it might still happen.

Don't worry, we look after you when you're on the road, because your Motorbike Third-Party Insurance comes complete with Smart Alert in the event of an accident. Or you can request personalised over-the-phone assistance.

Because we're there to offer help when you're unable to ask for it.

Imagine you’re out on the country roads and you have an accident, but you can’t get in touch with anyone.

When this happens, your motorbike sends us your geolocation, thanks to the ReMoto Smart Alert device that automatically activates in the event of a fall.

And we send an ambulance to you right away no matter where you are.


An insurance for all types of motorcycles

Wondering if the Third-Party Motor Insurance can be taken out regardless of the type of motorcycle you own? Below you'll find the comprehensive list of motorcycle types eligible for this insurance. Which one do you have?

Maxi Scooters
Super Naked

*Can be insured by Third-Party Motor Insurance with Civil Liability and Legal Defense coverage or including Travel Assistance and Personal Accident Insurance.

**Can be insured by Civil Liability and Legal Defense only.

***Can be insured by Civil Liability and Legal Defense, Travel Assistance and Personal Accident Insurance.

Looking for a Motorbike Third-Party Insurance that covers theft?

How would you feel waking up tomorrow to find out you've had your motorbike stolen? Did you know that around 45,000 motorbikes are stolen each year in Spain? That's why we want to make sure you're covered against theft, with no need to take out a comprehensive (all risks) insurance policy.

Motorbike Third Party Insurance + Theft


If your motorbike is stolen, we reimburse 100% of its current value.

  We also cover the market value of the tyres or battery.

See Motorbike Third-Party Insurance with Theft

Want to find out more?

We answer your questions about taking out, using and managing the insurance, as well as its coverage, limits... and much more!

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If you are searching for motorbike insurance in Spain, Caser Expat Insurance has the right policy for you!