Motorbike insurance in Spain

Motorcyclists welcome

We like motorcycles as much as you do. That’s why we offer you 3 different insurance policies so that you can look after your sidekick like it deserves and you want to.

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Caser Motorbike Insurance is the perfect supplement so that you can enjoy your bike. Insurance policies with all of the guarantees you need and travel support that makes the difference.

Why choose Caser Motorbike Insurance?


  • Travel support from the first Km.
  • Free choice of garages.
  • Expert opinions within 24 hours.
  • Online instalments management.
  • We manage your fines.


  • Unlimited health care.
  • Support for you and your bundle.
  • Fire coverage included in all types.
  • 100% of the acquisition value during the first year.
  • Economic provision for recovering points.

A biker never leaves their motorcycle behind

That’s why we give you incredible travel support

From the first Km

From the first Km And we are always with you - 24 hours a day

On-site repairs

On-site repairs So that nothing stops you

Hotel and transfer expenses

Hotel and transfer expenses For you and your bundle

Support while overseas

Support while overseas From the road to wherever you want

Lost or stolen keys

Lost or stolen keys We’ll send you a duplicate, wherever you are

Motorcycle robbery

Motorcycle robbery We’ll take you home again

And much more. To look after yourself and your bike, enjoy the most complete travel support in all Caser Motorbike types

Come to Caser Motorbike Insurance

We like to make it easy for you to come over to us. That’s why we are offering you some exclusive discounts.

Do you have more than one car?

Do you have more than one car?

We like to look after our customers. So, if you choose to insure your car or motorbike with Caser Car, you will enjoy a special discount.

Extra discounts in your Caser Auto

Extra discounts in your Caser Auto

Take advantage of your car insurance with the best coverage and with a 50% Dto. only for expat


We like to make it easy for our bikers

And to do that, we offer you different services so that you can get the most out of your Caser Motorcycle insurance policy.