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If you are a person who does sport regularly, it is always advisable to have a medical examination to check whether you are fit, as this will set any restrictions and the degree of exercise you can do. It is also important to be aware of your physical condition, age and how long it is since you last did any sport. This will help determine your coverage when taking out the best individual health insurance to ensure you stay protected when doing the thing you love most.

What's the best individual health insurance for sports enthusiasts?

Whatever physical activity you do, the Caser Activa Health Insurance is aimed at those people who, as well as doing a sport, wish to have private medical insurance with the most comprehensive medical cover.

What does Caser Activa include?

  • For just €29 a month with a special rate for different age groups.
  • Up to €100 at the chemist: reimbursement of 50% of money you spend at the chemist and on children's vaccines
  • Up to €100 at the opticians: reimbursement of 50% of the money you spend at the optician
  • Free intolerance test

For more information about Caser Activa, discover the coverages of this health insurance. To buy insurance online or to talk to an agent, visit the Caser website. We will call or email you back as soon as possible, no obligation whatsoever. 

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Precautions you should take when doing sport

Choose appropriate times to do physical activities, avoiding days which are excessively hot and humid. Your motivation to do exercise increases when the weather is gentler, particularly in spring and summer.

People who are doing exercise in order to lose weight will be even more motivated, because of that dangerous reasoning that the more you perspire or sweat the more weight you lose. However, it has been shown that doing physical exercise when it is very hot and humid increases the risk of danger. Also, losing weight is not always the same as getting slimmer, it may just be that you are losing fluids that are quickly replaced when you have a drink.

If your goal is to lose weight or get health, check out our blog post on healthy Spanish food choices and other ways to improve your health. 

if you like yoga, check out the best individual health insurance for yoga lovers

Always stay well hydrated. Many studies have shown that you must drink liquid when doing physical activity. Feeling thirsty is a symptom of a lack of water and you run the risk of becoming dehydrated. In hot conditions it is a good idea to drink one or two glasses of water a few minutes before undertaking the activity.

Wearing too many clothes is not recommended. Some people who want to lose weight believe in this false myth but it is not true. It has been shown that the more clothes you wear, the hotter you get, which leads to gaining fewer benefits from the exercise. Getting too hot is not good and may lead to serious problems. Choose the correct clothing that ensures you feel comfortable when exercising and soaks up any sweat.

Don't forget that in order to prevent injury, it is particularly important to prepare your body for exercise. You should start gently for a time, and then gradually increase the intensity as you feel more comfortable. You must always warm up for 10 minutes before training and stretch your arms and legs at the end of a training session.

Sometimes physical strain and injury cannot be avoided, which is why it is important to take out the best individual health insurance. For more information on Caser Activa, click here.

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