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Adapta: One of the Best Choices for Expat Health Insurance

May 23, 2024

Moving to another country is never easy. Especially if it is as a family. A lot of doubts and worries arise. Probably the most important one has to do with health. And this is where private insurance comes in.

As an insurance agent, you see so many different private health insurance options, that we understand that it’s hard for a client to make the right choice. What is really important when you choose an expat private health insurance in Spain? Which conditions should you check? Which exclusions are acceptable and which ones aren’t? Well, my favourite health insurance package is the Adapta + Sonrisa Esencial and in this post, I'll explain why. 

Medicaal care with expat private health insurance

10 Benefits of Caser's Adapta Expat Private Health Insurance Plan

1. Complete Coverage: If you choose Adapta, you will have very complete coverage with few exclusions for a very competitive monthly fee. The Spanish have an expression that comes to mind: "mejor prevenir que curar", which means "better to be safe than sorry".

2. No co-payments: Except for 8 euros for a visit to the psychologist, you'll benefit from no other copays. No co-payments, no unexpected surprises.

3. Dentist perks: Dental visits are one of the most useful things in private insurance. In Adapta, the dentist's coverage is automatically included with important discounts and many free services.

4. Prostate Surgery: If you are over 45 or have a family history, this is of interest to you. The Adapta insurance allows robotic surgery using the Da Vinci system for prostate cancer. It is an innovative and less aggressive technique.

5. Extensive Network of Providers: This is one of the greatest advantages: extensive medical directory with doctors, specialists and hospitals. Not only does it have a large medical directory, but you will always find a hospital or professional close to your family.

6. A Global Healthcare: Worldwide coverage in case of emergency cases (with limitations). A very interesting advantage for your and your family's travels.

7. Special Discounts: In addition, expats have discounts on non-insurable services such as: laser eye surgery, nutritional genetic test, lactose allergy test, maternal cell preservation, cardiovascular risk test, etc. Visit the Caser website or talk to one of their agents to find out more.

8. Few exclusions: One of the trickiest things about health insurance in Spain is figuring out the exclusions. So, good news: Caser's Adapta has very few exclusions, less than most other insurance companies. 

9. English speakers: Caser offers a special phone line from both agents and the head office where they speak in English. For things as important as your family's health, it's better to speak the same language, right?

10. Specialised in Expats: The difference between Caser and other expat private health insurance providers in Spain? We cater to the expat market and are specialised in your unique needs. 

In addition to these 10 benefits, Caser Adapta has other factors that you should take into account when choosing an insurance policy. For example, it has access to all common means of diagnosis (clinical analysis, x-rays, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), CT, ultrasound, endoscopy, electrocardiogram, digital dematoscopy and many more) and always with the most advanced technology (check the complete list of diagnostic tests that are included in Caser Salud).

It also offers 24 hours of medical assistance, so you can clarify all your doubts or ask for advice about paediatric and medical questions. Likewise, you could request an explanation for your reports, diagnostic tests and their preparation or about prescriptions, or any other questions. And if you're unable to travel to the health clinic because an emergency, Caser sends a GP or nurse practitioner to your home.

Ah! I almost forgot: and if you're thinking of having children, the Caser Adapta Plan offers you Pregnancy and family planning. Very interesting, isn't it

doctor smiling reading about expat private health insurance

Differences in Spanish Healthcare

Beside choosing the correct insurance company and package, it’s extremely important that the agent explains you the main differences in the way Spanish health insurances work compared to your country of origin. This prevents nasty surprises afterwards.

An example is that in many other countries, the health system is one and is not separated in two like here in Spain: the government and the private sector. That means that in other countries normally medication is included in their health insurance, something that isn’t the case in Spain with private health insurances. There are many more examples like that and at Caser Expat Insurance we try to inform clients as well as possible. That’s why we are specialised in insuring foreigners: to help them to contract the right insurance and know beforehand what will be and what wont be covered. Transparency is the key for a great client relation.

And now… Get a quote!

If all these reasons have convinced you and you want to know more details, here is the next step: click and discover Caser's online insurance quote calculator.

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