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Mother's Day in Spain: Traditions, Gifts & Vocabulary

May 1, 2020

Mother’s Day in Spain is a very important holiday in the eyes of Spaniards. El Día de la Madre as it’s called in Spanish, is celebrated on the first Sunday of May in Spain. It always falls at the beginning of the month of May, which is great because it is the perfect time to represent mothers due to the birth of spring, emergence of warm weather, and general happiness that springtime brings.

Traditions for Mother’s Day in Spain

Although Mother’s Day is not a public holiday in Spain, it is widely celebrated as mothers are very important to Spaniards. Keep in mind that it falls on a Sunday when most stores tend to be closed. If you would like to buy your mother a gift, plan to do so in advance.

Mother’s Day in the USA and much of the world is celebrated the second weekend in May, while Mother’s Day in the UK takes place in March. Every country tends to have different days for Mother’s Day, so keep this in mind if you’re looking into this holiday for your own parents or any Spanish relatives.

Why are mothers so important in Spain? Many people in Spain live with their parents into their 30’s, so their mother plays a very important role in their lives. Spanish moms also tend to be very attentive and nurturing, so this generates a strong bond and a lot of love between them and their children that needs to be celebrated.

If you’re looking for ideas for a Spanish mom or even your own mother, discover the ideas below.

a mom and daughter hugging on mother's day in Spain

Gifts and Ideas for Mother’s Day in Spain

Spain is not different from other countries in that flowers and sweets are a traditional gift for this holiday. Something freshly-made such as cookies or a cake is even more appreciated, especially since Spaniards love food. Do you know the Mediterranean and regional meals across Spain?

A phone call to your mother is obligatory on Mother’s Day, if not seeing her in person. During times like these, a good idea would be to go an extra mile and video chat via Skype or Zoom in order to see her face-to-face. Also, what about a digital e-card? That will brighten up her day. You can even send her a photo of pictures your children have drawn in her honor to give to her in person at a later date.

Still looking for more ideas? Discover a short list below:

  • Jewelry
  • Breakfast in bed - discover these breakfast ideas!
  • Travel voucher for a later date, like Wonderbox
  • Exercise equipment or books for her time spent inside

Though this year you won’t be able to take your mother out for breakfast or dinner, or to a special day at the spa, you can still keep those things in mind for next year.

If you live nearby your parents, but you are practicing social distancing, take your kids and wave outside her building. It will brighten her day to see you, even from afar.

cooking together on Mother's Day in Spain

Vocabulary for Mother’s Day in Spain

Don’t get stuck without something nice to say on Mother’s Day in Spain! Whether you’re chatting with a friend’s mom, your Spanish in-laws, or simply need to ask for gifts at the store, our vocabulary list will help you out no matter the situation:

  • Madre, mamá – mother, mom
  • Te quiero – I love you
  • Flores – flowers
  • Regalo – gift, present
  • Desayuno – breakfast
  • Cena – dinner
  • Domingo - Sunday
  • Feliz Dia de la Madre - Happy Mother's Day!

You’ve still got a few more days before this holiday, so you’d better get started on your Mother’s Day plans. Get creative and have fun. No matter what, every mother will always appreciate the sentiment put into your efforts.

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