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Do you qualify for Spanish permanent residency?

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Every year thousands of foreigners come to start a new life in Spain. There may be so many reasons a person might dream of getting a permanent residency in Spain, but do they qualify? Under which circumstances can one obtain permanent residency?

Here below we will try to summarize the different options for obtaining residency, but keep in mind that this is a very complex theme and there are always many exceptions to the rules. We hope this basic guide will help you a little further.

For a start, it is important to distinguish between temporary residency and permanent residency.

Someone who becomes a temporary resident does not have the same rights and obligations as someone who becomes a permanent resident. This is for people who will not stay longer than 6 months a year in Spain. For people from outside of Europe, this is called the Schengen- or Tourist VISA.

With a temporary residency, you can buy a house or a car. This way will be able to pay the taxes that come along with those purchases.

Someone who is a permanent resident will have to pay his or her yearly income taxes in Spain, over his or her possessions worldwide.

How to qualify for Spanish permanent residency as a European citizen

You will have to prove that you are a European citizen, you will have to show that you have at least 6.000 euros in a Spanish bank account and you will have to contract private health insurance without co-payment.
Caser Seguros offers this type of insurance and through their insurance, thousands of clients have been able to obtain their permanent residency. For more information or a quote, please follow this link: Adapta health insurance.
Another way to obtain permanent residency is to show a work offer in Spain or to start your own company here as an “autónomo” or a small business like an “SL”.

how to qualify for Spanish permanent residency

How to qualify for Spanish residency as a student from outside of Europe

You will have to apply for residency with the Consulate or Embassy of the country of origin in Spain. They will need a criminal record, a bank account with a least 10.000-euro, proof of inscription for a study of at least 20 hours a week for at least one year. This must be done within the first 60 days after getting into Spain.

How to qualify for Spanish residency if you want to start your own company in Spain, coming from outside of Europe

You can either start a purely technological business that is very innovative. If you reach the requirement of the Ministry of Work, your business will be approved, and you will get your permanent residency. If your company is no technological and innovative company, you can also apply for permanent residency, but you will have to apply for your business in the country of origin with the Spanish Embassy.

How to qualify for Spanish residency through a non-working or non-lucrative VISA

You will have to apply for this in your country of origin. You will have to prove that you have between 25.000 and 75.000 euros in your bank account.

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How to qualify for Spanish permanent residency by a work offer from a Spanish company?

The Ministry of Work distinguishes between job offers referred to as high qualified positions and the rest. If your position is seen as high qualified, you will be able to accept the job and obtain residency. If your job is not marked as highly qualified, you will have to apply in your country of origin with the Spanish Embassy, but the chances of approval are rather low if there are Spanish residents who could do the same job.

How to qualify for Spanish residency through “Arraigo Social Procedure”

This is an exceptional residency for foreigners that can demonstrate that you have been living in Spain for the last 3 years and that you have not left Spain for more than 120 days each year. You also must do a language training of 45 hours or more in the Spanish or Catalan language. The Spanish government needs to see that you have done everything to be socially integrated into the Spanish culture and language. This is a non-permanent residency for a maximum of one year.

For more information, please read the official site of Ministerio del interior.

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