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Benefits of Having Dental Insurance

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Even when you take care of your mouth and teeth, it’s still possible that major dental issues arise out of nowhere and put you at financial risk. When you have insurance for your car, your home and your health, why not for your teeth as well?

Why you should get dental insurance

Dental problems can hurt a lot and, in worse cases, can even be unpleasant for your surroundings due to the bad smell. With a dental insurance, you have a free dental check-up every year and a basic cleaning of the teeth. By doing this yearly, you are always on time to treat possible dental problems, before they become really serious (and expensive). Beside the free check-up and cleaning, there are a couple more treatments for free. If your dentist discovers problems, you’ll pay much less for the treatment than if you didn’t have the insurance. The discounts vary between 10-40% on average and sometimes even up till 50%.

dental insurance will make you smile even wider

A dental policy will cost you between €8-12 per person per month, depending on the package you choose and if there’s a promotion or not at the time you take out the insurance. At Caser Expat Insurance, they just launched a very interesting promotion, where you’ll pay €5.80 instead of €9.80 for the “Sonrisa Esencial Familiar” package and €7.80 instead of €11.80 euro for the “Sonrisa Perfecta Ahorro” package.  If you’re considering getting dental care, this might be the moment to do so!

A yearly check-up + cleaning without insurance will cost you more or less 70-90 euros. By taking out dental insurance, you have saved yourself these costs, so the insurance has already paid for itself that way.

Health insurance policies include a dental supplement which, as its name suggests, is a supplement and by no means an insurance in itself. The comprehensive dental plans at Caser are Essential Smile and Perfect Smile. The supplement only covers the basic needs of the customer as well as preventive or occasional treatments.

dental insurance that covers your children

Last but not least, it’s worth mentioning that orthodontics are offered with big discounts for children, offering savings of 500-750 euro per child. Both of my children, like most children these days, are undergoing orthodontic treatment and I’m glad of the discount Caser Expat Insurance offers me. Don’t hesitate to get informed about dental insurance plans via the guide below; you might save a lot of money by doing so.

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