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All about Car and Property Taxes in Spain

May 16, 2023

If you are thinking of moving to Spain or you are already there, you are probably considering owning a car or a house. The first thing you need to know is the car taxes in Spain and property taxes. In this article we give you all the information you need to pay them correctly and avoid problems in the future.

All about Car and Property Taxes in Spain

Road and Car Taxes in Spain

You must pay the Road Tax whenever you own any motor vehicle (cars, motorcycles, mopeds, buses, lorries, tractor, trailers and semi-trailers pulled by other vehicles) before using it on a public road, regardless of category or class.

Who must pay the road tax?

It must be paid by any person who owns a vehicle. Usually, every January 1st and either if it is a natural or legal person, as is started in the Registration Certificate.

Don´t forget that any person, company or organization whose name features on the vehicle registration certificate issued by the Provincial Traffic Headquarters is considered an owner.

Where is the road tax paid?

You can afford your Road Tax at the City Council or Town Hall where you live, by transfer or making a deposit at the bank.

Is the car tax the same throughout Spain?

The price of the tax depends on the municipality in which you live, but always taking into account the national base rates. Because of that, in Soria, Jaén, Badajoz, Palencia or Pontevedra the tax is cheaper than in Barcelona, Valencia or Madrid.

In spite of the City Council decision, your tax will also depend on the model and power of your vehicle.

What happens if I do not pay the road tax?

In that case, you will receive a notification with the corresponding surcharge. And if you still don´t pay, the City Council will seize you your bank account.

You should take into account that you may face a fine of up to 500 euros or even seizure of your vehicle.

What types of vehicles are exempt from paying the road tax?

Vehicles that are exempt from paying road tax are:

  • Each vehicle with less than 120 g of CO2 emissions per km.

  • Vehicles belonging to the government, diplomatic delegations, and those performing tasks of security and defense.

  • Buses that are used as public transportation with more than nine seats, and ambulances.

  • Tractors, trailers, and vehicles with similar characteristics that have the distinction of agrarian primer.

  • Also, people with reduced mobility that have the accreditation of disability and are owners of the vehicle, are exempt from paying road tax.

In addition, there are vehicles that qualify for tax rebates:

  • Electric or zero-emission vehicles (75% throughout the life of the vehicle).

  • Hybrid vehicles (75% during the first six years from the date of registration).

  • Gas or mixed vehicles (75% reduction).

  • Vehicles registered in Ceuta or Melilla (50% when paying your IVTM).

  • Motorhomes (30% of the taxable base of this tax).

  • Large capacity vehicles (50% reduction).

  • Cars over 25 years old or historic cars. (A minimum of 75% discount).

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All about Car and Property Taxes in Spain

Property Taxes in Spain

What is the property tax?

The property tax is a tax that burdens the possession or ownership of property. We understand as a property: houses, plots of land, farms, and elements that have been built on the ground that cannot be moved from the location. So, if you are considering buying a house, we’re sure this will interest you.

Who has to pay the property taxes in Spain?

The tax has to be paid by the owners and holders of the property. An owner has the obligation to pay a fee. Holders of administrative concessions on real estate or under the public services are also required to pay the tax.

Caser Expat Home Insurance

Something as important as your home, must be protected against any type of situation. So, don´t forget that a good home insurance policy can prevent misfortunes.

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  • Enforced extension to a stay due to medical prescription.

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  • Relocation or repatriation of sick injured party.

  • Repatriation of deceased injured party.

  • Relocation or repatriation of children.

  • Delivery of medicines.

  • Early return due to death, accident or illness of a family member.

  • Early return due to a domestic or industrial accident.

  • Lost luggage.

  • Compensation for total or partial loss, theft or destruction of checked baggage.

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We hope this article about car taxes and property taxes in Spain has solved all your doubts.

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