We look after you
We look after you

Unlimited health care and occupant safety

Total protection
Total protection

Own damage included

100% Purchase value
100% Purchase value

During the first year

Your motorcycle is irreplaceable. You pamper it. You always keep it up to date and you always give it the best care. And your motorcycle pays you back for your affections with every curve, every adrenaline rush and with that irreplaceable sense of freedom. Our full coverage motorcycle insurance ensures your relationship never has to come to an end. 

Check out everything that's covered by our Full Coverage Motorcycle Insurance

Basic coverage

Enjoy complete Travel Support with Caser Motorbike So you can have your bike by your side, whether you’re driving around the city or on a road trip. You’ll never be left behind and you’ll never have to leave your bike behind.

All services and coverage will be available to you from the first Km. 24 hours a day. We are with you from the moment you get on your bike.

For all legal matters, we will be your voice. In all situations, we will deal with claiming on your behalf, guiding you and helping you. Basically, we at Caser are the 100% support you need. We are always here.

We take care of appealing your traffic fines. No limit applies. And should you lose all the points on your licence, we will help you recover them.

This coverage provides our bikers with the specialised service of using professional advice to appeal administrative offences. Because whenever you need us, we will provide you with the best solution. We provide you with the necessary resources to go to the Administration and appeal any fines with which you don’t agree.

Every biker is fully aware that if an accident happens, it’s their body and their companion's body on the line. At Caser, we understand you. That’s why we are one of the few companies that offers health care to both the driver and the companion in the bundle.

We are also aware of the importance of quality medical care that allows you to rest easy and enjoy to the max every time you get on your bike:

  • Unlimited assistance in Caser's dedicated centres or €6,000 worth of help in other non-affiliated centres.
  • Transport and repatriation of any occupants who become injured.

With this accident-insurance type coverage, you are guaranteed compensation for your beneficiaries (family members) in the following instances:

  • Death caused by a road accident
  • Permanent disability (When the driver is prevented from returning to work) cause by a road accident.

If they have minor children, or disabled people of legal age, the compensation amount will be double that of the insured capital.

At Caser motorbikes, we’ll take care of repairing your motorbike from any damagessuffered as a consequence of fire (including explosions and lightning), whether it’s parked or driving around.

Should your bike be totally written off, we will compensate you with 100% of the bike’s market value before the accident. And if your bike is less than 1 year old, starting from when it was first registered, you will receive 100% of the purchase value.

If your bike is stolen, your freedom is stolen. Losing your bike is like losing a small piece of yourself. That’s why we offer you the roadest robbery coverage without excess:

  • We will repay you 100% of the bike’s market value, meaning the value of your bike when it is stolen. To do this, we need you to wait 40 days from when the bike disappears before you make the claim.
  • But that’s not all... If the robbery occurs within a year from when the bike was first registered, we will compensate you for 100% of the purchase value.
  • We will also compensate you for the total value of the tyres and battery.
  • If your bike gets stolen while you're on holiday, we will cover you for the cost of accommodation and transport for the occupants, so that you can return home.

Your comprehensive insurance includes all own damage that your motorbike may undergo. In other words, no matter what happens, be it an accident, a fire, an explosion, flooding, ground subsidence or vandalism, we will take care of the repairs on your bike.

Remember that the necessary repairs will be done in the garage of your choice.

And if the damages undergone cause your bike to be totally written off, don’t worry because if it happens during the first year, we will give you 100% of the purchase value. From the second year onwards, we will compensate you for 100% of the market value.

Optional Coverage

Your bike is much more than a mode of transport. If you lose your licence, you lose your freedom.

At Caser, we offer you this optional coverage so that we can help you recover it. Provided that it is covered within the instances in the general conditions, we provide you with an economic loan of €360 a month, for a maximum of 12 months.


Excess and Types

Our comprehensive insurance includes competitive excesses so that you have maximum protection insurance at a good price. Remember, the higher the excess amount, the lower the insurance amount.

Types of comprehensive insurance available with excesses




What kind of motorbike can I insure?

With Caser Comprehensive Motorbike Insurance with Excess, you can insure all of these bikes:

Chopper Chooper

Crusier Cruiser

Custom Custom

Maxi Scooters Maxi Scooters

Naked Naked

Scooter Scooters

Súper Naked Súper Naked

Trail Trail

Turismo Turismo

Urbanas Urbanas

Do you want to know more?

If you need more information about our insurance for motorcycles, you can read the FAQ or download the general conditions.