Blood Test for Covid-19

What is it? This test detects the presence of antibodies by analysing a blood sample. It measures the amount of antibodies against SARS-CoV2, both IgM, which indicate that the body is currently fighting the virus, and IgG, which remain in the body once the disease has gone


blood test covid-19


antibodies in the blood test covid-19
Antibody detection

results of the blood test covid-19
Results in 2-3 days

type of blood test for covid-19
Common blood test

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How can I request this test?

Free test for new insured parties who take out policies between 15/09/2020 and 14/03/2021

The voucher for the free test can be obtained 15 days following the effective date of the new Health Insurance policy. One voucher per insured party.

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Need more info on the Covid-19 Blood Test?

This test is recommended for anyone who has been in contact with the disease or suspects that they may have caught it at some point in the past.

If you’re unsure about when to take the Coronavirus Test, book an appointment with our COVID-19 specialists from the Caser Medical Network.

If the infection is developing, active or has been and gone, through types of antibodies including IgM and IgG.

IgM antibodies are markers of recent infection, i.e., if the body is currently fighting the virus. IgG antibodies are markers that detect whether the body has overcome the virus.

If there are no IgM antibodies detected, i.e., the result is negative, this lets us know that there is no contact with the virus at present or that not enough time has passed for the antibodies to be built up (window period). If a positive result is obtained, this is an indication that the infection is in an active phase, i.e., the body is fighting the virus at that moment. IgM antibodies can be detected on the 7th day after infection or on the 3rd day after the appearance of symptoms.

A negative result for IgG antibody detection indicates that there has been no contact with the virus or the contact is recent and there is still no secondary response. If it is positive, it means that there has been infection in the past and that your body has developed antibodies and, therefore, immunity against the virus.

No. You may be in the so-called window period at the time of testing, meaning that the virus is already in the body but it has not yet begun to fight it with IgM antibodies. Therefore, in the event a patient showing symptoms of the disease gets a negative result, he or she is recommended to get an RT-PCR test done in order to rule out the disease completely.
The RT – PCR Test is used to detect the coronavirus through a mucus or saliva sample. The Blood Test detects the presence of antibodies against the virus through a blood sample.
No, the results will be available online 2 or 3 days after the test.
If you have a healthcare policy, access the Caser Medical Network through the Caser Salud App or the Customer Area and book an over-the-phone consultation in the “COVID information” calendar. Don’t forget to upload the results of the test in the medical documentation section before the doctor calls you.


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