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Caser Autohelp

Automatically detecting an accident and calling 112 with your location

The maximum protection

For you and your car

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Free choice of garages to fix your car

If you’ve just bought a car, you have one that’s under 5 years old or you just take care of it as if it were new, our full coverage auto insurance is what you need.

Includes the best coverage to keep your car in impeccable condition, at a reduced price thanks to the excess.

Caser Car Advantages

Because we like to look after our customers. You will be able to enjoy special advantages just for you for being insured by Caser Car.

Discounts of up to 60%

Discounts of up to 60%

There are prizes for being a good driver. why, in exchange for making your claims with us, we will credit your account when renewing your policy.

Premium garages

Premium garages

There are more than 500 garages where you will receive special treatment and services and advantages just for you.

Find your garage
Expert opinions within 24 hours.

Expert opinions within 24 hours.

Your repairs will be done with the utmost flexibility.We will appraise your vehicle within 24 hours from when it enters the garage.

Check out everything that’s covered by Full Coverage Auto Insurance

Basic Coverage

I you have an accident with your vehicle, Caser Autohelp is automatically alerted so that we can get in touch with you right away. If you don't pick up, we call 112 and emergency services send an ambulance your way. And best of all, you don't have to do a thing - we're there to help when you're unable to ask for it. After all, in the unlucky event of an accident, every minute counts.

Caser Autohelp is your rescue alert service throughout Spain, with no need for you to install anything in your car. Everything is managed on the app and, of course, we only pinpoint your location in the event of an accident. Available 24/7, 365 days a year.

How does Caser Autohelp work?

Many things can happen on the road. One of the main purposes of car insurance is to cover Cumpulsory Liability. With this guarantee, we assume responsibility for the compensation of material damages and/or personal injury that you might cause to the third party if you are responsible for an accident behind the wheel.

It covers, as the maximum, the fixed amounts legally established at the time of the accident.

The amount of compensation is determined according to the scale set out in Royal Decree 8/2004, in which the Law for Civil Responsibilty and Insurance in the Circulation of Motor Vehicles was passed.

When the Compulsory CL is just not enough, this coverage guarantees you the compensation that goes further. For this guarantee to be applied, the compensation needs to be within the limit set out in the Particular Conditions agreed upon when you take out the insurance contract, as well as defined by the legal provisions in force at any time.

We cover the obligation to compensate the damage you, as an insured driver, may cause to third parties, owing to:

  • Traffic accidents where your car is at fault (failing to brake properly at a traffic light, for example).

  • When your car is parked or stopped, fires or explosions in garages or outside it, are also covered.

  • Telephone legal advice

  • When luggage falls from your car on a public road, whether it falls from inside the vehicle, the roof racks or ski-rack.

  • Opening doors Such as if you open a car door forcefully in a car park, for example, and damaging the car next yours.

  • Trailers or caravans weighing up to 750 kg, as long as their registration coincides with that of your car and the existence of such a trailer is declared in your policy.

The compensation limit is €50,000,000.

An accident may cause more damage than just denting a door. Clearly, the most importing things inside your car are the people travelling within it, and this coverage covers all the personal damages that may be caused to you or your companions in an accident.

We consider the car itself as well as the action of getting in or out of the car, and the accidents that may occur when trying to repair your car on the road. The only requirement is that the driver’s driving license is valid, whether the driver is you or anyone else authorised on your policy.

In the event of an accident, we provide you with unlimited medical care in our designated centres, or if you prefer to go with a private healthcare centre, we will cover you for up to €6,000.

Furthermore, our bodily injuries coverage provides compensation for both the occupants and the actual driver in the following instances:

  • Death

    If a person dies due to an accident, the capital sum agreed to is guaranteed. As for the driver, if they have minor children, or disabled people of legal age, we also guarantee to pay the equivalent of double the service price of the agreed upon capital sum.

  • Permanent disability

    Should those injured in a traffic accident become permanently and irreversibly disabled, either mentally or physically, which makes them unable to return to work, we guarantee to pay for the entirety of the insured capital. Should the driver have minor children or disabled people of legal age on board, we also guarantee to pay the equivalent of double the service price of the agreed upon capital sum.

You can establish which compensation you want to correspond to the occupiers in the particular conditions of your policy before engaging in it. The compensation limit for driver death or disability (whether that is you as the policyholder or anyone else you have authorised on your policy), is €60,000.

A traffic accident is involuntary. If your parked car gets hit, it’s also involuntary. As a driver, you do however need to take responsibility for it. And sometimes, some claims end up on trial in court. We will be by your side throughout these situations and furthermore, we will assume the expenses of hiring a legal defence and the bonds you may be enforced to pay in criminal proceedings.

As long as you choose to make use of our legal services, we provide you with unlimited coverage. However, if you want to hire your own lawyer, we at Caser, commit to credit you for up to €1,500 of the cost of your legal fees.

  • Third Party Claims

    Imagine you arrive at the garage and the motorbike parked in the space next to you falls and damages your car door. Or imagine you’re stopped at a stop sign and the person behind you doesn’t brake. In such instances, we will make a claim on your behalf for the damages the accident causes to you, to those insured in your policy and of course, the damages suffered by your car.

  • Telephone legal advice

    You have an expert professional team on the other end of the phone to advise you on issues relating to fines, services or any questions you may have when making a claim, etc.

We help you to appeal your traffic fines, including legal advice for allegations and penalties due to traffic infringements, preparing documents and administrative resources as well as resources against recovery procedures.

From the first kilometre and 24 hours a day. We are always by your side when you need it.

Travel support is an essential coverage. Because when you travel, you want to be protected and know that if something happens, you won’t fall by the wayside.

Travel Support also includes caring for your car, you and your companions.

  • Features relating to your vehicle

    • Mechanical Support

      If your car stops on the highway because of an accident or a breakdown, call us and we will send a tow truck to meet you. We will always try to repair your vehicle as soon as possible so that you can continue your journey and we will bear up to €120 of the costs. All you will need to pay for is the amount of the spare parts if necessary.

      In the event of a punctured tyre, we will assist you. And if you run out of petrol, we will bring you some.

    • Vehicle towing

      When we are unable to repair your car in the place of the incident, we will bear the costs of towing it to the garage of your choice.

      Bear in mind that the distance between the site of the accident (or wherever your car breaks down) and your home address is the maximum distance we will tow your car.

      For example, if you live in Cádiz, you are travelling to Zaragoza and on your way through Madrid, your car breaks down, we will tow your car wherever you want to go, as long as the distance is no further than it would be to take your car back to your house. That means that we can take your car to your trusted garage in Cádiz (within a 25 km radius of your home address) or if you don’t want to interrupt your journey, we can take it to one in Zaragoza or Madrid.

      If your vehicle stalls when you’re abroad, your car will be towed to the garage closest to the site of the incident.

    • Rescue

      Should your vehicle become immobilised due to having overturned of fallen due to unevenness on the ground, we will organise for your car to be rescued and bear the cost of the same (up to €350).

  • Features for the Occupants

    At Caser, we look after your car and the people travelling in it. That’s why we have thought about all of the possible situations and we cover you in the following instances:

    • Transport or repatriation of injured or sick people

      Whether you’re within Spain or outside the country, we will take care of everything so that you can return home.

    • Tracing lost luggage.

      If you lose your luggage, we will make a claim on your behalf to make use of the official means to find it.

    • Sending urgent messages.

      In the event of an accident, if you need to send some urgent messages, we will take care of finding a solution so that you can send any relevant messages immediately.

    • Travel and accommodation for a companion in the event of hospitalisation.

      We know that being far from home when you’re sick is not very appealing. At Caser, we ensure that a close friend or family member can remain by your side if you are hospitalised as the result of an accident, either in Spain or abroad.

We deal with any damages that a fire or explosion may cause to the vehicle and the insured accessories. Whether the vehicle is driving, parked or being towed or transported, this coverage encompasses it all.

Furthermore, in the event of total loss or when the vehicle is less than two years old, starting from the first date it was registered, we will compensate you for 100% of the value. For the car’s third year from the date of registration, we will compensate you 120% of its market value, meaning its value at the time of the accident.

With windscreen coverage, should your windscreens break, we guarantee to cover you for 1000% of the value of the window panes and the invoices for repairs or replacement.

You’ve just parked your car in the street right in front of the supermarket, just as you always do. Where nothing has ever happened to you. Until something does happen. At Caser, we cover robbery as well as attempted robbery. That means that if someone attempts to rob your car and they force the lock, we will also cover it. And if your car appears after a few days and has undergone damages that can be repaired, we will also consider:

  • Replacements and repairs of the damaged materials. We guarantee the cost of spare parts, painting and labour, VAT or similar included taxes.

  • Tyres and batteries. In this instances, we compensate you for 100% of their market value, meaning their value at the time of robbery. If fixed parts that make up an integral part of the vehicle have been removed, we compensate them on the basis of the cost of replacement, meaning what new ones would cost you.

  • Cleaning and reconditioning. Provided that you carry it out within the five days after the vehicle has been recovered.

Taxes are guaranteed provided that you are not independent and you deduct the price of the car and the expenses.

If you have no luck and you have to give up the car as lost, we will compensate you for the value of the vehicle. When the vehicle is less than two years old, starting from the first date it was registered, we will compensate you for 100% of the acquisition value. Also, for the car’s third year from the date of registration, the compensation will be 120% of its market value.

With this coverage, any damage your vehicle suffers will be covered, such as land subsidence, fires or vandalism. It also covers any possible fire brigade expenses and the ITV when necessary after an accident or when the vehicle is transported to the closest garage.

And if the damage costs more than 75% of the value of the car, or if it results in a total loss, we will compensate you for 100% of the acquisition value (provided that the vehicle is no older than two years since the date of its first registration.) If the damages and the total loss occur during the third year after being registered, the compensation will be 120% of the market value.

Furthermore, with this coverage, we will also be responsible for any damages your vehicle may suffer as a consequence of an accident or directly colliding with an animal on a public road.

If your car stops on the highway, you have the Stop&Go option. Call us and we will send you a professional so that they fix it on-site and you can continue your journey.

If this is not possible, we will pay you the price of fixing your vehicle in the garage of your choice, provided that this breakdown is the cause of the vehicle becoming immobilised.

This coverage includes mechanical, electrical and electronic breakdowns which produce the vehicle being made completely immobile, regardless of the amount of the same.

Optional Coverage

Should your driving license be revoked when you have this coverage, we will pay a subsidy for an amount of €360 for a maximum period of a year, as long as the revocation was ruled in the final court ruling of a traffic accident case.

If you want greater protection, you can engage in our Driving License Revocation insurance policy. Because we understand that not having a driving license interferes with your everyday life. Don’t let an unforeseen eventuality like this stop you from living your everyday life.

With this coverage, you are ensured a replacement car (rental) when your vehicle becomes immobilised after undergoing an accident, an attempted theft or robbery. A replacement vehicle will also be provided to you should your car go missing as the consequence of a theft or robbery.

We will provide you with a replacement vehicle that is in the same category as yours while yours is being repaired.

The main advantages of More Support in regards to the current guarantees of Travel Support are as follows:

  • Replacement vehicle with breakdown coverage and the possibility of extending the days you have the vehicle should it have an accident and require repairing or result in being completely written off:

    • Up to 7 calendar days in the event of a breakdown that requires vehicle repairs.

    • Up to 15 calendar days in the event of an accident that requires vehicle repairs.

    • Up to 30 calendar days in the event of a theft or robbery, after reporting the fact to the relevant Authorities or until the stolen vehicle is found and repaired if necessary, and this period is less than 30 days.

    • Up to 30 calendar days in the event that the vehicle is completely written off.

  • Replacement vehicle loan up to F group category.

  • Improved support rendered to sick or injured people (extension to hospital stay expenses and reimbursement of expenses overseas).

  • Extension to vehicle towing and rescue coverage when an accident, breakdown or robbery occurs.

  • Extended support to the occupants in the event of vehicle immobilisation or robbery (transportation of occupants and accommodation expenses).

  • Increase to the maximum capital sum in the event that an advance of funds or the payment or legal fees are required while you are abroad.

Caser Expat Insurance will be responsible for any car damage caused by direct animal collisions on public roads.

Excess and Types

You can engage in a comprehensive insurance policy with different excesses Remember, the higher the excess, the cheaper the price of your insurance.

Types of comprehensive insurance with available excesses:

+ 900€

+ 600€

+ 360€

+ 300€

+ 200€

Come to Caser Car Insurance

We like to make it easy for you to come over to us. That’s why we are offering you some exclusive discounts.

Do you have more than one car?

Do you have more than one car?

We like to look after our customers. So, if you choose to insure your car or motorbike with Caser Car, you will enjoy a special discount.

Extra discounts in your Caser Auto

Extra discounts in your Caser Auto

Take advantage of your car insurance with the best coverage and with a 50% Dto. only for expat

Do you want to look further into it?

If you want to know all relevant information about Caser Car Insurance policies, we can provide you with the general conditions of engaging in a contract.

If you are searching for car insurance in Spain, Caser Expat Insurance has the right policy for you!